Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eraserheads Revisited

In the spirit of the up coming Eheads concert next month, I've decided to share my favorite tunes from the band that catapulted the pinoy rock scene in the early 90's. Yes, the Dawn has always been there and other bands as well, but the Eraserheads paved the way for more pinoy bands, which was then called "alternative", to have more airplay on the radio.

1) Pare Ko - Forget the love songs about unrequited love that you hear on the radio. These future poster boys of pinoy rock said it best: "pinaasa nya lang ako . . . lecheng pagibig 'to oooooh". Yes girls, we do sing Pare Ko whenever we're bummed out about our love life or lack of it. Girls are soooo difficult to understand hehe.

2) With A Smile - My song for Jan (though I don't think she knows it hehe).

3) Magasin - Nice melody. I loved the ending. Don't you just wish that you can brag about an ex-flame who's now in a cover of a magazine(especially of its FHM)? E ano ngayon kung mayaman na sya, wala syang pagmamalaki sakin hehe!

4)Huwag Mo Na Itanong - I think every guy I know would like to sing this to his wife or gf whenever their fighting (especially over trivial matters hehe).

5) Torpedo - Nuff Said!

6) Ligaya - My college days wouldn't be complete without this song. Hirap manligaw e hehe! Whenever I hear this song, I always see my self back in school again. I think this was the first single out from Ultraelectromagneticpop.

7) Para Sa Masa - A tribute to all Eheads fans. I love this song's melody.

8) Kailan - Kanta ng mga preso hehe.

9) Ang Huling El Bimbo - Loved the MTV. I didn't know then that El Bimbo was a dance step, I didn't even know who Paraluman was. Who says you can't learn anything from rock music? Tragic ending though.

Download "Ang Huling El Bimbo" here

10) Minsan - Now I didn't study in a school remotely close to "kalayaan" Q.C., but the message of the song struck me, especially when I started working. Made me miss all my friends with all our good and bad times.

Truth to tell, I'd rather listen to the band's album rather than hear them live. I still think their all talented, but I've seen enough of their performances to have the balls to say that they really don't sound that good when they play live.

I still am a fan though.



titashi said...

grabe! waaayyyy back in UPLB, di pa mainstream ang eheads yung nagsisimula pa lang sila, may casette tape na kame containing some of these songs, pinapasa-pasa lang yun dati ng mga estudyante. ang tagal na pala nun...pero tama ka, di sila ganun kagaling pag live pero iba pa rin ang mga kanta nila. teka, saan na kaya napunta ung tape na yun?

BAM! said...

sayang yung tape na yun hehehe
pero oks lang, download ka nalang :-)