Friday, July 11, 2008

pre company outing blog

I'm going to Batangas today for our company outing at the Blue Coral Resort (Laiya). I brought a book to read, some cd's and my trusty celfone. I was itching to bring the laptop so I can surf and maybe blog, but I chose not to so I can enjoy the beach and the company of my officemates. I've been addicted to the web for some time now that I think I'll be having withdrawal symptoms if when I'm at the beach. Hehe

I'm feeling it now while I'm writing this. No meebo, no bloghopping, no, no friendster, no, no yahoo . . . haay . .


But I do enjoy going to the beach. Jan and I are both beach bums. Its just that sometimes, its hard to get myself away from the net. Although, every weekend, I do my best to stay away from it so I can spend more time with Jan and Sophie.

I know this feeling of internet "withdrawal" will be relieved by only one thing: BEER! Woohoo! Now I'm really looking forward to drinking beer on th beach with some good old reggae music at the background. I brought a Bob Marley Cd and other local reggae tunes.


Anyway, when I left home, Sophie was her usual self and wanted to come with us. I said that I'll be back tomorrow and that she should be a good girl while I'm away. Jan's going to a wedding tomorrow so Sophie will be alone with her yaya again on a weekend. I think, even as young as she is, she also looks forward to the weekend because she knows that she'll spend 2 whole days with her mommy and daddy, and most of the time, we go out of the house, usually going to malls, which she enjoys immensely. I'm a bit sad because I miss her already and because both Jan and I can't spend much time with her tomorrow. I'm sure she'll look for us and ask here yaya to call us on the cel, like she always does whenever Jan or I'm not home yet. She picks up our cel (which means she want's us to call) and says "mommy ...mommy" whenever Jan's not yet home, or "daddy...daddy" whenever I'm not yet home. Smart kid.

Bawi nalang kami ni mommy Sophie!


Tagal naman ng mga kasama ko . . . di pa kami umaalis hehe



Vayie said...

I have been to Laiya, Batangas with my barkada. I hope you'll have a great time with your officemates as much as I did when I was there.

BTW, pareho na yata tayong magkakaroon ng "withdrawal symptoms" `pag tinanggalan ng internet. I'm always itching to browse man lang, lalo na ngayon sira yung PC ko, talagang if there's a need; magre-rent pa talaga ako =)

GARET said...

ingats!!! enjoy! :)