Friday, November 2, 2012

With Cute Kids Come Great Responsibilities (The Pakarazzi is BACK!)

I've been a parent for almost six years now and I can honestly say that I truly adore my kids. We try not to spoil the although sometimes we do indulge our selves in spoiling them (which we almost always regret the day after). It's one of the reasons why I seldom go out. I like spending my weekends with them doing stuff or doing nothing. We play, we bike, we watch dvds and now we play Angry Birds on my phone or wifey's phone or on the new Alcatel T10 tablet that I got for free. 

During work weekdays, as much as possible, we try to come home as early as we can.Sophie is now 5 years old turning 6 this January and Sam is 3 turning 4 next March. It's fun to see my kids develop their own personalities every day. We want to be with them during their formative years because we want to develop their values as a family. My wife and I grew up with different values and teachings from our respective parents and we want to combine all the good stuff that we learned from them. It may not be perfect, but we're hoping that this would help them out when they grow up. 

Discipline is something that I want to instill on them at an early age, and before anyone asks, no I don't beat up my kids.We try to teach them what's right and what's wrong by telling them why they should and shouldn't do things. Of course there's the occasional "stand in the corner" moment for both of them when we feel we need to reiterate our point (Sam is leading in the "stand in the corner" count, by the way). I'm glad that both understand which really surprised me at first. I never knew that kids can be so smart. They're like giant sponges that absorb information in a colossal scale. 
That's why I frown on parents who do not discipline or even guide their kids as they grow up. They're missing out on the opportunity of putting they're kids i a good position to have emotional and intellectual balance that they need to have when they grow up. 

I hope we're doing the right thing, though.We're also learning as we go along. 

One thing is for sure: I truly enjoy being a father.


* I wrote this after having Sam stand in the corner for cutting a page from her mom's cook book with his ate's scissors. I wouldn't mind actually, but its a cookie recipe that wife never tried before.

Wait. I meant I didn't want him to play with scissors. That's why I had him stand in the corner.  Hehe.


After not blogging for more than a year, I recently found myself visiting my blog. To my surprise, my blog is being re-directed to another site. I didn't know why this is happening. I researched a bit and I found out that the problem may be found in one of the gadgets on the site and all I have to do is zero in and fix or delete the gadget. And because i don't know how to fix it as I am absolutely useless when it comes to programming, I deleted it.

Now here I am . Writing again, while my wife and kids are reading story books in our living room. Armed with a new unlimited broadband connection (I opted to get the Sun Broadband promo with the free tablet), I am now free to blog anywhere and any time I feel like it. Actually, I've been planning to revive my blog for months now, but I never really got to it because of certain things, mostly because of laziness. 

My wife has been blogging for quite some time now and when I saw her posting in her blog, I thought to myself that maybe I should give it another go.

 I'm glad I did.

I've forgotten about how liberating it is to write. Write about whatever I feel like writing whenever I feel like it. Actually, I can't how simultaneous this is, as I'm just typing whatever comes to my head right now!   

Feels good.

It's good to be back!