Tuesday, July 1, 2008

all about the weekend

My weekend started early. Unlike most Saturdays, I woke up early at around 8am. We had to attend this Pag-Ibig seminar at GMA7 for employees at 10am. We wanted to attend because we've been planning to buy our own house or condo for the longest time now and we wanted to know the requirements for a housing loan. By the way, before one can take a loan, it was a prerequisite to attend the seminar. So we really didn't have any choice.

When we got there, the room where they were conducting the seminar was packed with people. I didn't go in and I just stayed by the door. Jan went inside and found one vacant seat. The seminar was done by around 12. They were serving lunch but we opted to eat out. We just took 2 bottles of C2 Tea.

I forgot the name of the place in Tomas Morato where we ate but the restaurant was serving Persian food like Mr. Kebab. It was delicious and relatively cheap. One meal costs around P70 - P90. I ordered the ground beef with curry (forgot what its called) and Jan ordered beef kebab. She also ordered bean paste (forgot what its called again . . .) and that thin bread that comes with it (man, I'm so bad with foreign sounding names). Bottom line . . . it was a god meal.

After lunch, we went to Quezon Ave for the Universal Records CC / DVD sale. We missed it last year and we didn't want to miss it this year (by the way, the sale will be until the second week of July. Fridays to Sundays only. They're located at Quezon Ave beside the Smart Wireless Building, before examiner st. I think). When we went in the store, there weren't much people around. That was good for us because it wouldn't be a hassle to go around and look for CDs.

We bought the complete DVD collection of Shrek for P500 and two more dvds: Far and Away and 12 Monkeys for only P170 (buy one take one). We also bought of cds of: Earth Wind and Fire (2), Michael Buble', Saigon Kick, Rey Charles, Norah Jones, Doobie Brothers, Air Supply, Beasty Boyz, Jay-Z, Alice Cooper, Peter Cetera and Ringo Star. There were a lot more but we didn't bring enough cash (actually, I didn't have enough cash, since pay day was Monday and this was the third weekend after our last payday hehe). I'm planning to go back to buy some more if time permits.

Cds were as cheap as P20! I saw a William Hung CD sold for P20. Damn! I should have bought it!

I saw a cassette tape of Bob Carlisle: Butterfly Kisses which was sold for P10 only. I naturally bought it hehe.

We went home at around 3pm. We wanted to go home early to spend time with Sophie, and also to test the stuff that we bought.

Sunday, as everyone knows, was the day Pacman would fight his would-be-punching-bag Diaz so we spent the whole morning waiting for the fight. I went on-line at 11 am and my officemate told me through YM that Pacman won via knock out in the 9th round.

Okaaay . . .

So I just watched the fight to see how he knocked out Diaz.

We went to Shangri-La mall in the afternoon. We wanted to see if the ASUS laptop that Smart was giving away for their retention promo is still available. Jan's account was already due for the retention promo and we really wanted to get the laptop. When we got there, the CSR said that the laptop has been out of stock for a month and they stopped taking reservations for it. So we took the next best thing that was available: a Sony Ericsson K770i.

After going to Smart, we went to the carousel area. Now Sophie was very sleepy by this time, but when she saw a carousel she literally said "waaaaw . . oohh . . . oohh" while pointing the it. She wanted to ride the carousel so we went in there with Jan.

I wanted to use the camera of our new phone so I placed my sim card in the phone while we were ordering food at Green Tomato. Here are some pics:

I'm looking forward to next weekend already!



GARET said...

mahilig na Sophie sa mga high heels na shoes. LAGOT! hahaha (pero marunong magbalik kapag hindi nya na gustong tingnan...GOOD GIRL)

BAM! said...

hehe oo nga. naku, may pagaka imeldific yan si Sophie. Sinusuot nya yung shoes ng mommy nya parati :-)

Vayie said...

That's what I love about Sony Ericsson CyberShot phone. May anti-shake. Grabe, who needs a digital camera when you have one? Maaasahan din `yan pag madilim. You just have to change the settings and voila! Kaya `nga ako naging snap-happy eh! =)

BAM! said...

vayie: oo nga, oks nga camera ng sony ericsson. talo nokia :)