Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sam in School

No. We didn't enroll Sam to school this year. He's only two years old for Pete's sake! But her yaya takes him to Sophie's school once and a while. Sophie's teachers know who he is already. The first day he went there, the teachers were impressed because he knew all the animals, some numbers and letters and the colors that were displayed inside the classrooms. They were so delighted that they gave him a star. Now that's what I call and HONORARY STUDENT!

Although the teachers were saying that we should enroll him as early as now, I really don't feel that we should. Yes, he'll probably learn a thing or two in school, but I'd rather have him at home, be a kid and enjoy his childhood. He'll have lots of time in school growing up. That's also the reason why we enrolled Sophie "later" than most kids. Besides, my little girl acts as if she's grown up already, I don't want my little boy to act that way too soon.



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

school . . . pride?

Sophie will be starting school this coming school year. For a few months now, Jan and I have been looking around for the perfect school for her, and quite possibly, Sam as well. Though, as much as we want to give our children the best education that they can have, it never entered our minds to send them to a high-end exclusive school.

You see, my wife and I didn't study at a high-end exclusive school. Although we probably, at one point or another, aspired to study in one, for one reason or another, we didn't.

Anyway, Jan and I talked about this a lot of times. We both agreed that graduating from an expensive school won't assure a bright future for our children. Its the value of hard work, dedication and confidence to face whatever problem they would encounter that will make them successful in life.

I know, people have different notions about what success really is, but to us, success is living a comfortable life, doing what you love doing while taking care or yourself or your family. Taking care of yourself or your family means having the capability to provide food, clothing, shelter and education by your own means.

SO . . in the next couple of weeks, we'll be looking for a school that compliments OUR family values (I said OUR because families have different values and Jan and I have already developed our own family values). A progressive/non-traditional school seem to be fit with what we believe in as parents, and we've seen a couple of them within our vicinity.

We're not closing our doors to exclusive schools. Time may come when they might want to study at an expensive school for college. As long as they pass and we can afford it, they'd probably go there. If they pass and we can't afford it, they'd probably pass as scholars! :)


What I don't understand is the much ballyhooed school pride. Don't get me wrong. I'm proud of the schools that I went to. What's disturbing is that some people think they're better than others just because they studied at an exclusive school. As I said, I  never studied in one. For me, kids who studied in expensive schools should see it as a privilege. Not everyone can afford to send their kids to these schools, and if they could, they probably worked their ass off just so they could do (or their family is really filthy rich because their forefathers worked THEIR asses off, which isn't really the kid's fault).

Take this article from Mo Twister's blog (which I read from time to time). He says that some people coming from expensive schools are too proud of their school, that sometimes, they think that, just because they went there, they're more superior than others (by others, I mean MOST people).

This is something that I don't want my kids to have. 

I want them to be confident, but not because they studied in a certain school but because they know what they're talking about and what they're doing.

I want them to be superior, not because of their school but because they worked their asses off  to be on top of the corporate ladder or to be the owner of their own business or to be the best damn guitarist this side of Wally Gonzales.

I want them to be proud, not because of their school, but because they're the best at what they do.

Besides, I know some people who are college drop-outs who were and still are successful in their respective careers. I also know well educated people who are PROUD (and when I say proud, I mean the traffic causing kind of proud in Araneta Coliseum) of their schools who couldn't afford to buy a piece of candy using money from their own pockets (because they're to good to work for a company who wouldn't hire them anyway, but would because they know a guy who knows a guy, that knows a guy in the company, or just plain lazy).

This is not to say that I don't know people from exclusive schools who are the opposite. There are a lot of good people too. They're the ones who would probably beat the crap out of  those "proud" people if they ever hear them talking too much (and when I say too much, i mean it in a totally bad way) about their school pride.

What's sad about this is that schools (and parents) are supposed to prepare kids for the real world. If its time for these kids to be out there and they're still trapped inside their "school world", I think the school and the parents failed.

In our careers, my wife and I probably failed as much as we've succeeded, but this is one failure we're not about to make.



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pa Q

Si Mr. & Ms. Pa Q.

Alam lahat.
Experto sa lahat ng bagay. 
Puro reklamo pero walang solusyon.
Kung makapanira ng kapwa na, kala mo kilala nya . . . 
pero nakikita lang naman sa tv.
Mahilig bumangka pero di naman marunong humawak ng sagwan.
Mahilig makisali kahit di naman sinasali.
Mahilig makibakas kasi walang sariling diskarte.
Mahilig pumorma pero di makabili ng sariling bulate-fishball.
Malakas ang boses pero wala namang sinabi.
Maraming ganito.
Ganito ka ba?
Kung ganito ka. . . .  

Pa Q. ka!

wala lang hehehe


Monday, January 17, 2011

Sophie's 4th

It was Sophie's birthday yesterday. She's four years old now. I often tell her that even though shes a  bit grown-up and will be starting school next school year, she'll always be my baby girl. I think this is true for all parents. They always think of their children, no matter how grown-up they are, to be their babies.

We celebrated her birthday at our house. We invited our parents to come over for lunch. In the afternoon, we went to the La Mesa Eco Park. I told Sophie that we'd go fishing, but we got there late at around 4:45pm (the park closes at around 5pm) so we decided to just go around. I also forgot to ask where the fishing pond was from the guard.

Sophie, Sam and their cousin Zeth enjoyed the trip. They rode a small kalesa which took them around the place once. Sophie and Sam liked looking at horses, even in pictures. When we were in Baguio, they always pointed at horses whenever they see one. Unfortunately, they didn't like riding on a horse. But riding on a kalesa is a different story. Both of them were excited to ride, as long as its no on the horse!

The children enjoyed the trip, however short it was. I plan on taking them there as often as I can.I'd like for my kids to appreciate nature. Times are changing and I foresee that as they grow older, most of the trees and other plant-life growing at the park may be gone.

Sophie has really grown. She's actually a good ate.   She plays with Sam all the time, even when Sam plays a bit rough. I think she even teaches Sam how to count from one to five! Sometimes she would tell Sam to behave or else I'll put him in the corner. She's also malambing to us, especially when she wants to ask something from us, hehe. But in all fairness, when we say no, she usually follows.

My wish for my daughter? I wish that she'll always be healthy and I also wish that she continues to be the smart and loving kid that she is.

I love you Sophie! Mommy and Sam loves you too! :)

Next Sophie milestone: First day in school.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Team Work

My wife and I are planning to co-author a blog. She's currently into blogging now, writing about a lot of stuff. If you want to read her blog, just click here. I think its a great idea!. There are a lot of stuff that we can certainly write about.

Its not the first time that we'd work as a team. Even before we were husband and wife, we always did things together. My best man in our wedding said that we were like a team and that we were always focused and had a plan and would get or achieve whatever we wanted. At that time, I thought that he just said that because it was my wedding and he was my best friend, but looking back, and looking at where we are now, I actually think he's right.

We would never be where we are now without helping each other. We've always supported each other in whatever we do.When we were still dating, whenever we went out of town,we both saved money for each  and every trip. Even when we got married.  Our parents didn't spend a single centavo. We used our own money that we saved up for a year (It's a good thing my Tita Maday gave us the hotel accommodation as our wedding gift also Thanks Tita!). We planned the wedding ourselves from top to bottom.
Even in our household, in raising our kids, our finances, or whatever issues we have at home,  we talk about it. Is this the secret of a good married life?

NO. I don't think its THE secret. Everyone knows that everything works out as long as communication lines are open.

 Hopefully, we'll have our new blog soon. I'll still maintain this one, of course.

Speaking of team work, how 'bout my San Antonio Spurs? Best record in the NBA. Everyone's healthy. Everyone's doing their part.  I can smell another trophy!