Thursday, April 30, 2009

shorty lang

Long weekend nanaman. I always look forward to long weekends because I really want to spend time with my family. Sophie's at that "terrible 2" stage already and there are times that I have to put her in a corner for her "time out". I didn't know that little girls can be so rowdy! But I also enjoy her antics. There are times when I cant decide whether to put her in a corner or just laugh at her kakulitan. But of course, I would like her to grow up to be brat so most of the time, she finds her self in a corner.

We've nothing planned for tomorrow and since its been raining and will continue to rain in the next few days, I'd rather spend my time at home. Maybe I'll watch some dvds since there's nothing good to watch on BTV (Spurs got ousted from the playoffs by the Mavs). Besides, Jan and I are planning to watch the X-Men movie this Saturday, after we attend the christening of my friend's daughter. I'm so excited to see the movie on the big screen.

Sam's one month old today so I asked Jan to buy a cake to celebrate the occasion. Man . . . has it been a month already? Time really flies. Next thing I'll know, he'll be crawling, then walking, then running around, the house!

Enjoy your looong weekend boys and girls!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spurs lost . . .

Spurs lost the 1st round of the playoffs for the first time. So much for my fearless forecast. Anyway, looking forward to next season.

Haay . . .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

rants and raves

Just saw in the news that Prudential Life can no longer sell their pre-need plans because of lack of investments or something to that effect. In other words, just like the Legacy Group, they don't have enough resources to support their plan holders. Sheessh. Things are getting bad, especially for parents like us.

I used a CAP (which, by the way, is also in a fiancial bind) when I entered college. It was a good investment. Imagine, I studied for 4 year for just a P6,000 investment? At those days, our tuition fee ranged from P6 - P10k (or more, I think) per semester. Before these things happened to the pre-need industry, Jan and I were actually thinking of buying an educational plan for our kids (or future kids at that time). Now, it seems that getting one is a sure way of losing your money.

What gives? Don't these financial people see that a lot of people's future are in their hands? Now we're thinking of other ways to save-up or invest in Sophie and Sam's college education.

I pity those people who lost money because they invested in these companies.


On a good note, the Spurs won game 2 versus Dallas today. They lost game by 8 points and they won today by 21 points. Talk about winning with a vengeance. Manu Ginobili is out for the playoffs, which is bad for the team, but I think Duncan, Parker plus the supporting crew can make it to the Western Conference Finals, as long as they focus on their defense and work on their offensive sets.

My fearless forecast in the Spurs - Mavs series: Spurs in 6.

After experiencing the scorching summer heat this month, rain finally came last Sunday and its still raining today. Its a welcome development for all of us here in Manila. There was this one time when I was on my way home, I passed through a mall and when I went out for a cab, the humidity hit me like a brick wall.

Ironically, Sophie was singing "Rain, rain, go away . . ." since Sunday hehe!


I've noticed that some politicians are coming out with their TV ads as early as now. Wala lang, hehehe.


The Wolverine movie is coming out next wee. As an X-Men fan, I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie. There are already pirated dvds out, but I heard that they don't have the ending and you could still see the straps and ropes used by the actors during the stunt. Its interesting how Wolverine became the face of the X-Men all these years. He wasn't an original member of the team. In fact, his first appearance was in a Incredible Hulk comic book. I guess his rough features and personality appealed to a lot of people.

Personally, I like Gambit, Cyclops, Night Crawler and Cannonball (Samuel Guthrie, which is why I like the name Samuel and gave it to our new baby) who were all in the previous movies, although Gambit had a short appearance, and I had to review the credits to confirm that he was actually there.

I saw the poster and I think Cyclops and Gambit will both be in the movie.

Enjoy the rest of the week boys and girls!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Konting Sacrifice

Pahinga muna sa internet starting ngayong Friday hanggang Linggo. Ito kasi ang isang bagay na sa ngayon ay kinahihiligan ko. Ito ang aking munting sacrifice para ngayong Holy Week. Di rin ako mag yoyosi hanggang Linggo.

Have a blessed Holy Week mi amigos y amigas! Tandaan natin na mas malaking sacrifice ang ginwawa NYA para sa atin. Sana kahit konti ay makapag sacrifice tayo para sa alala ng ginawa NYA.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ate Sophie

Sophie has embraced the idea of having a younger brother. We call her "Ate" now. Just last night when Sam was crying, Sophie said "Tama na Sam . . . tama na . . . ok na, ok na . . ." which cracked me up!

When Sam was still in Jan's womb, we always tell Sophie that there's a baby inside her mommy's tummy. Sometimes she says that there's a baby on my tummy too (kung di ko lang anak yun baka nabatukan ko na hehehe). When Sam was finally born, sabi ko kay Sophie " Sophie, look o . . . si Sam yan." and she replied "Di daddy, baby yan, e . . ." and then I said "Eh nasaan si Sam?" and then she said, with conviction "Nasa-bahay".

We thought that it will be hard for Sophie to accpept that there's another baby in our house. But as soon as we got home, Sophie wanted to carry Sam and play with him. Now she kisses Sam when he's crying, plays with him (she hides whenever Sam looks at her, parang hide and seek sila) and she even wants to be the one who holds his bottle when he's feeding.

When I asked her "Sophie, love mo ba si Sam?" she answers "Opo!".

Jan and I are both relieved that it didn't take long for Sophie to adjust to her new baby brother. She even says "Si Sam Sam, baby ni daddy and Sophie yan!". Ateng-ate na yung baby girl ko!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Sam's 1st battle

We went home from the hospital last Saturday afternoon, bringing home Sam from the first time. Sophie, who was already home greeted us with her welcome shout "MOMMY!!! DADDY!!!". Finally, we're home.

But for a brief moment during the day, I thought that we had to extend our time at Madocs for another day... again.

You see, we were supposed to go home last Friday morning. We were already packed and ready to go when our Pediatrician told us that she wants to do some tests on Sam before she can clear us to go home. Sam was kinda yellowish, more yellowish than when Sophie was born. We waited for the test results and I was actually bracing myself for some bad news.

The results came out and Sam was diagnosed with jaundice. We were told that he had to undergo phototherapy, wherein he will be placed under a special light for 24-hours. We had two options: we leave Sam at the nursery or in our room. We opted to have Sam in our room. We wanted to take care of him ourselves.

After a few minutes, the machine with the special light was brought in and was placed beside Sam's crib. Sam was undressed by the nurse, leaving only his diaper because his whole body must be exposed to the light. His eyes were covered with an elastic band to keep them safe from the prolonged light exposure.

And so began Sam's 1st battle.

It was hard for us seeing Sam inside his crib under the blue light. He kept removing the elastic band in his eyes maybe because he feels uncomfortable with it on. We place it back on as soon as he removes it. I was actually glad every time he removes the cover on his eyes because for me, that's a good sign that my son is strong and that gave me hope that he'll come out of this battle as the winner.

Since Sam had to have his whole body lighted, we had to turn him and even laid him on his back from time to time. We had to watch over him all the time because he removes the cover on his eyes whenever he's awake. We had to watch over him the whole time that he's exposed to phototherapy. That means we had to watch him for 24-hours straight.

In the afternoon, I took my mother-in-law and Sophie to our home because they can't spend the night in the hospital. We were supposed to go home together but because Sam had to stay, i had to take them home and go back to the hospital for Jan and Sam.

When I got back, the room was a bit warm because we can't lower the temperature of the air conditioner because Sam might get cold. At one point, Jan was in tears because she felt that Sam was having a hard time. I told her that our son was strong and he'll be fine.

I was awake 'til 5 am. Jan slept at around 2am. I woke her up when I felt I couldn't stay awake anymore. I didn't want to doze off at the risk of Sam taking off his elastic band from his eyes again. Anyway, Jan said that I should wake her up at 5am because the nurses will take another blood sample of Sam's for another test.

I woke up around 7am and Jan already had her breakfast. I bought my breakfast and went back to the room. As we were waiting for the test results, we noticed that Sam's yellowness subsided a notch and we felt that everything was going to be ok. Our doctor noticed it too which gave us more reason to feel good.

Feeling anxious about the result, I went to the nurse's station to ask if there was a test result already. She said there was and informed us that with the results, she thinks that Sam should stay for one more day.

My heart almost fell. I told Jan and she didn't know how to react at first. I told her that we should wait for the official results. I texted our doctor and asked her if there's news already. Then I looked up and just thought " Lord naman . . . kawawa naman anak ko . . ." then I prayed shortly.

After 20 minutes, I got a call form our OB-GYN and she gave me some instructions for our Philhealth discount. I asked her if she has news about Sam , she said our pedia just texted her the Sam can go home. I asked her what time she texted and told her that I talked to the nurse about the results 20 minutes ago, and she told me the she just received the text message. A few minutes after that call, our pedia called and informed us that Sam can go home already.

I told Jan the news and we were both relieved. Sam won the battle and now we can going home.

Having a sick child is very difficult for parents emotionally. Seeing Sam on phototherapy was even harder. I thank God that Sam's ok. I pray that everything will go well.

I'm so happy that we're all finally home.