Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcome to the world, Samuel Gabriel

Here are some pics of my son, Samuel Gabriel Garcia, who was born about an hour ago. Sobrang excited ako na makita sya na nakalimutan ko na meron palang elevator 'tong hospital na 'to at ginamit ko ang hagdanan papunta sa kabilang wing hehe!

Sobrang excited talaga. Ang gulo pa ng buhok ko! hehe

Thank God for this blessing! Welcome to the family my son!


Monday, March 30, 2009

so excited

Ang aga ko nagising today. 6 a.m. nakadilat na ko. Usually, kahit puyat na puyat ako, 7 a.m. impunto gising na ko. Bihira ako magising ng ganito kaaga. Isang factor siguro ng pag gising ko ng maagga ay dahil malikot nanaman matulog si Sophie. Yung binili namin na sofa bed ay nasa baba at ginagamig ng sister-in-law ko na natulog dito kagabi kaya katabi ko nanaman ang makulit kong baby girl sa pag-tulog. Isang reason pa siguro ay excited ako.

Excited saan?

Pupunta kami sa hospital today para i-check-in si Jan. Oo. Manganganak na sya. CS sya kaya pwede i-sched. Tomorrow morning sched nya. Yung pinsan ko'ng doctor sa Madocs (Manila Doctors) isang linggo ko kinukulit para kumuha ng room. Hanggang kahapon kinukulit ko sya. Ang parating sagot nya sakin "Masyadong maaga pa magpa-reserve. Anong akala mo sa hospital, hotel?" hehehe. E excited nga ako e. Anyway, this morning daw nya kami kukuha ng room, at sana lang may ma-reserve kaagad.

Excited na kaming lahat. Pati si Sophie. Kini-kiss nya tummy ng mommy nya every now and then.

Bam! : "Sophie, good girl ka ha. Good ate ka sa baby ha?

Sophie: "Opo!"

Bam!: "Sophie, love mo si baby ha?"

Sophie: "Opo!"

Bam!: "Sophie, share your car-car witht the baby ha?"

Sophie: " Ehhh Daaaddyyy . . . kay Sophie yun e!"

Hehehe, nag-react kagad!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Late blog

*** Made this post last week but I never got to publish it. One week late na 'to ***

Its good to be back. Been busy the last couple of weeks which explains my short hiatus from the blogging world. Had some time reading some of the blogs on my list though. For those who tagged me, thanks for the tag and I promise I'll get around to those tags as soon as I find the time.

Work has kept me so occupied that I even had to go to the office last Saturday (March 7) to check on some stuff. Its that time of the year again when the cable industry has its conventions. This year, we'll be having 2 conventions on the same month. You could just imagine how busy our business unit is right now.

Enough about work. . . . .


Last week I received very tragic news. Two of them actually. No, I'm not talking about the death of Francis Magalona, which is very tragic indeed. I like him not only because of his music, but because he's so proud of being a Filipino, that he even had the three stars and the sun tattooed on his back. He will surely be missed by a lot of people. I'll miss seeing him on TV. He's one of the most talented people in showbiz. Our country needs more people like him.

The first news I'm talking about is closer to home. My aunt was confined to the hospital a last March 4. She has cancer and she's been fighting it since 2007. She asked to be confined so I guess she couldn't stand whatever pain she's been feeling. I visited her last Sunday. I actually didn't want to because I didn't want to see her the way my mom and other relatives described her. She was so skinny. I noticed that she was getting skinnier the last time I saw her which was a few weeks ago. But I didn't think that she'd be as skinny as she was last Sunday. My heart sank and I tried not to show it. Her skin was turning yellow because her liver's already affected.

I wanted to take a picture of her in the hospital with Sophie, but I decided not to because I don't want to remember her the way she is now. The inevitable thing will be happening anytime, and I pray that God gives her more time. More time to spend with us, more time so she could see my new son, more time to let her know that we appreciate everything that she did for us.

I'd write more about her, but right now, I find it difficult. No words could ever describe what she is to our family. Just believe me when I say that all of us, my brothers and cousins think that she's the perfect aunt that anyone could have.


The second tragic news that I got was from a text message from a friend. One of our high school friends died this week. He was shot 4 times while riding his motorcycle on his way home. Mark Razo was our Corp Commander back in high school. I was also an officer back then and before we were commissioned as cadet officers, everyone knew that he'd be chosen to be our leader. He was a good guy. Our batch was really tight and I could say that he was a friend and not just a classmate.

We were actually planning a get together last year. I wish we did.

I hope they catch the people who killed him and hang them. Another victim of violence. What a waste.

My condolences to the Razo family. "Cor", we will surely miss you.

Ahmm Baaaaack!!

Sobrang daming kuwento! Medyo matagal dina akong nawala. At dahil sa pangangalampag ng ibang mga ka-blog na na miss ako (medyo konti lang hehe), heto ako at nagbabalik! Nabasa nyo naman sa mga huling post ko na medyo busy-busyhan ako sa mga panahon na ito. Asamateropak, nasa opisina ako ngayon at nagtratrabaho habang sinusulat ko'to. Sana lang huwag silipin ng HR namin ang gianagawa ko ngayon hehehe!

Hindi magkakasya sa post na ito ang mga kuwento ko, kaya simula ngayon, pipilitin ko na araw-arawin ang pag-aaliw sa sarili ko at sa inyo sa pamamagitan ng blog na ito hehe. Kailangan ko lang mag paalam uli ngayon kasi may deadline ako na hinahabol at ayaw ko na umikot uli ang tumbong ko sa trabaho.

Babalik ako mamaya . . . pramis!