Thursday, February 26, 2009

wala lang . . .

10pm and I'm still in the office. Buti nalang tapos na ko . . . I mean, bukas naman yung iba hehehe. I can't say I'm looking forward to the weekend, because I'll probably think about work the whole time. Anyway, the good thing about being busy is . . . I think I got my mojo back!

Hope it stays for a while this time or until I check myself in Workaholics Anonymous hehe!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

kaltok moment uli

Been so busy lately that I didn't have time to blog. Anyway, I still expect the rest of the month as well as next month and the month after that and so on and so forth . . . to be busy as hell. Next month, we'll be having two cable tv conventions, just a week apart from each other. I've always attended these conventions since I started in this industry, and I've been here for more than 10 years. . . . makes me feel so old.

Haay . . .

Anyway . . . I just want to share a "KALTOK MOMENT" with you, that just happened last night:

I was talking to my brother Patrick on the phone about computer stuff. Sophie wanted to know who I was talking to.

Sophie: "Daddy, sinyan? (translation: (Daddy, sino yan?")

Bam!: "Si Tito Pat". Then I handed her the phone "O, talk to Tito Pat . . ."

Sophie was just listening to Pat, who was on speaker phone, and then I said "Say hi to Tito Pat, Sophie."

Sophie: ". . . ."

Bam!: "Sophie, say Tito Pat . . . packer!

Sophie: "pater! Hihihi"

Jan: "Hoy! Anong tinuturo mo sa anak mo?"

Bam!: "Bakit? Packer naman talaga si Patrick diba? Kasi tinulungan nya tayo mag-pack ng gamit nung lumipat tayo ng bahay. At pag lipat natin ng bahay uli, PACKER uli sa Pat, di ba Pat?"

Patrick: "Oo na!"

Bam! (talking to Jan) : " O di ba? At ikaw, kung tutulong ka mag pack pag lipat natin, alam mo ba kung ano tawag sa'yo?"

Jan: "Ewan ko sa'yo!"

Bam!: "Mother packer! Kasi mother ka na! Hehehe"

Hulaan nyo kung nakaltokan ako o hinde . . . hehe!

Enjoy your week boys and girls!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sophie Mia!

Jan bought a DVD of the movie MAMA MIA starring Merryl Streep (who's still as gorgeous as ever), Pierce Borsnan, Amanda Seyfried (who plays a character named Sophie), and Collin Firth last Saturday. She decided to watch the movie last Monday evening while I was surprising sleepy at 9:00pm and wasn't really interested in watching anything on the boob tube. As I was trying to sleep while hearing the Abba songs in the movie, I was surprised when I saw Sophie dancing to the music!

Here are some vids:

Oh my, my baby is growing up real fast!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

busy-busyhan nanaman

Its been a busy week for me. Full of meetings and other deadlines, kay medyo di ako nakapag-blog masyado. That and the fact na sira yung internet connection namin for 3 days now. I haven't gotten a single business email today, which worries me because there might be some important messages that I have to attend to. How can a business run without the internet? Its pretty frustrating.

Anyway, tomorrow's Friday the 13th and Valentines will be on Saturday. We really don't celebrate Valentines that much. We usually spend it eating dinner somewhere. This weekend, I've nothing planned yet, although I'm thinking of buying a romantic DVD that Jan and I can watch at home.Saturday will also be my in-law's wedding anniversary so we'll be spending some time there. We're also going to Pag-Ibig fund on Saturday to renew our loan seminar. Going to Pag-Ibig on Valentines day . . . funny. No pun intended, hehe!

I'm not at all spooked about Friday the 13th. Tomorrow will just be a regular busy day. I can't believe that tomorrow's Friday already. Parang kulang kasi yung week na to for me. I'll even have a meeting at 7:30pm. Ganun ka-busy.

I'm actually enjoying it . . . a bit . . . konti lang . . . syet . . . I'm The Pakarazzi, and I'm a workaholic . . .


By the way, we already bought a PLDT Landline Plus Pre-paid sim. What's weird is, I can buy a sim card but I can't buy a phone unit. I told the customer service that I wanted to buy their cordless phone but she said that the phone was only being sold to post-paid subs. Then I said I was going to pay for it in cash, but she said they really don't sell the phone unit to pre-paid customers.

What gives? I don't see the logic why they won't sell me the phone. Gusto ko yung phone kasi para landline talaga yung dating. Delikado kasi pag sa cel nilagay baka ma-misplace or ma-laspag, especially since we're leaving the phone at home for Sophie and her yaya. Baka biglang itapon ni Sophie yun, yari! We placed the sim card in our Ericsson K750i. I'm having our old Nokia 6260 phone repaired and place the sim there.


Haaay . . . Friday na bukas!


Monday, February 9, 2009

kuwento lang ng konti

One week to go! Our yaya finally arrived last week and Jan and I decided to give her two weeks "training period" with her mom. I think our new yaya will do ok. I hope so. I pray so. We're scheduled to pick them up on Friday and hopefully, By next week, we can leave Sophie and our new yaya by themselves at home.

We'll be doing precautionary measures like advising our land lady that only Sophie and yaya Jennifer will be home. We're also getting a landline or a wireless landlines so that we'll be at constant communication with them. We can even ask our moms to call them once in a while to check on them.


Speaking of telephones, I went to SM North today to inquire about PLDT's Landline Plus subscription. I actually inquired over the phone this morning and I was informed that I can get a pre-paid unit at the PLDT office in SM North. Imagine my dismay when I got there and the guard told me that they're out the pre-paid sim cards and telephone units so I couldn't apply for one. I also heard that its ver difficult to get this service and people had to wait to get their phones. SUCKS!

I went to Bayantel which also had an office at SM North. There were units available but personally, I was a bit worried about their signal strength. I know some people who had those wireless landline phones that Bayantel launched last year and most of them were not that satisfied.

Still, for purposes of security when it comes to our baby, we should have a phone line at home so anyone from our family can check on them from time to time. I hope we can decide within the week.


We bought Sophie a new bed. Well, a sopha bed that she can use. She's been sleeping between Jan and me every night (when she's here) and its getting harder and harder for me to sleep because she moves a lot (meaning, she kicks me a lot). So we decided to buy her her own bed.

Jan will also use the sopha bed after she gives birth. She'll be having a c-section and it will be difficult for her to go up and down the stairs so she'll have to stay downstairs temporarily until she's strong enough to move about.

8 more weeks to go!


Lets all have a wonderful week ahead!


Friday, February 6, 2009

can't sleep . . .

Been surfing the net for a while. Couldn't sleep. I'm listening to soft music while doing this post. Jan is sleeping beside me. She was reading "What to Expect When You're Expecting" a while ago. It's been a long day and its good that she's getting some sleep. I was actually sleepy when I went to the bedroom but somehow, I became wide awake.

Anyway, I'm excited because I'll be picking up Sophie tomorrow err . . . this afternoon. We were supposed to pick her up on Saturday, but since I had a meeting near my in-laws in the afternoon, I can pick her up.



Jan and I saw the movie "Single" starring Ruffa Mae Quinto tonight before going home. It was funny. It was ok. But I realized one thing: watching / hearing Ruffa Mae for more than an hour can be a bit tiring. Don't get me wrong, there were some parts of the movie that made me laugh (I'm a real sucker for pinoy comedy), but I, actually we, felt exhausted after watching the movie. Must be her voice, or the ways she spoke. I don't know. Paolo Contis did well though. He played a gay dude. He was actually funny.


I'm a bit pissed that Facebook was banned from our network last week. Friendster has been banned for the longest time and now, FB is a no-no in our office too. Don't they know that social networking sites are good markeitng tools because you can have instant access to your connections and send them business proposals whenever needed? Where else can you talk business on-line while playing Elvenblood??

Sheeshh . . . some people just don't get it, hehehe :-)


I like this line from the movie Field of Dreams: "If you build it, they will come . . . " the question is . . . do you know how?

Ach! Time to sleep. Been doing too much thinking . . .


Monday, February 2, 2009

no habla español!

I can't believe that the bigwigs at Dep Ed and CHED are proposing that Spanish will be added to the school curriculum of selected public schools. While I think the intention is good, I don't think that there is a need to do this as of yet.


I think there is a need for the government to improve on teaching ENGLISH in public and private schools. English teachers may be quite fluent with the language, (they have to be otherwise they shouldn't teach it right?), but other teachers who teach other subjects, like history or mathematics for example, aren't. Lets not talk about the regional intonations that some teachers have because they grew up in the provinces because to me, its quite understandable. What's very bothersome is, there are some teachers who can't even construct a simple sentence in English.

Its funny how schools implement an "English speaking policy" when there are teachers who can't speak the language correctly. I can't blame these teachers because obviously, they were learning with the same environment as the students in elementary and high-school now.

I think what the government should do is train teachers to speak English in the correct manner first before adding another language to the curriculum. English is spoken in most countries and economically speaking, it will good for our children's to learn the language well, especially if they decide to explore the western world for greener pastures. Call centers are booming right now because we know how to speak in English and I think this skill should be invested upon and improved for more investors to come in.

English can also be used as a tool for Filipinos to communicate, especially in areas where people do not know how to speak Tagalog (of Filipino, out national language, by the way). Yes, sadly there are still some areas where people hardly speak Filipino.

There's also an issue of increasing school tuition fees because of this additional subject. With today's hard times, parents may no longer afford additional subjects for their kids because they simply cannot. This is something that should really be considered and addressed.

And why Spanish? Not that I hate the language because I certainly had a blast when I studied it back in college, but there are other languages that may be useful, especially in terms of commerce, here in our own country. Japanese and Chinese comes to mind. As a country, we do a lot of business with China and Japan and learning Niponggo, Mandarin or Fukien may be better.

Ultimately, because of globalization, it would be better for us to learn another language. But I think that we should put priorities in order before taking on something that isn't really needed as of now. Lets educate our children properly. After all, with good education, they will have a better chance of having a bright future.