Thursday, July 10, 2008

effects of alcohol

I'm posting a video of my brother Chux with his friends, dancing to some videoke singing. Now I don't know how much alcohol they've taken in, but they seem more than tipsy to me. I would never dance to the tune of "ALWAYS" by Erasure, although I never dance at all, but that's beside the point! Hehe.

Anyway, by brother's the guy with the long hair and red shorts :-)

Dancing to the tune of ALWAYS

YMCA! Di marunong mag spell si Chux hehe

THE ZEPHYR SONG . . . this song will never be the same to me again . . . hehe

Moral Lesson: Don't drink too much hehe!


I'm going out of town tomorrow for a company outing. Sana hindi rin ako malasing at sumayaw hehe!

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