Tuesday, August 5, 2008

don't think. have fun.

I've always been interested in watching serious tv shows, movies, music and even books. I enjoy thinking. It exercises my my mind. Its like going to a gym to do some bench presses specifically to build your brain muscles. But sometimes, I enjoy watching, hearing, and reading things that have no intellectual value and just laugh. Simple lang pero enjoy!

Mababaw na kung mababaw, pero there are times when you don't want to think and you just want feel light and happy.

Here are some people / tv shows that make me laugh wherever and whenever:

1) Ramon Bautista - I was late when I discovered his brand of comedy. Apparently, a lot of people enjoy his mindless antics. I do too.

2) Tenacious D - Funny Funny Funy! I like their brand of rock and roll and I loved the movie too! Jack Black and Kyle Gass are quite a tandem. I wish I was that funny!

3) Maverick and Ariel - Local funny men who are very spontaneous. The only people I know who can relate to everyone from the street vendor to the Congressmen and Senators. Talented idiots!

4) Tado - "Mabuti na ang magnakaw, huwag lang mamakla" says it all!

5) Parokya Ni Edgar - Rock gods with the right attitude! Their MTVs are hilarious!

6) American Dad - This is a laugh trip!

7) Family Guy - Another laugh trip from the same producers of American dad.

8) Tito, Vic and Joey - Who doesn't laugh whenever they do their thing on TV? Baka si Willy Revillame lang hehe

9) Rob Schnieder - I love bibinka as much as this guy! A proud fil-am who made it in Hollywood by being one of the best comedians of his generation.

10) Dolphy - Nuff Said!

Genius at being stupidly funny!

Now if only the brainless people I know are as funny as the ones I've mentioned above, then the world would be a perfect place hehe!



Vayie said...

Mommy Elvie is way funnier than Ariel!

Family Guy is that the one at Jack TV? I haven’t watch a single episode of that but I saw in the trailer that there's this dog dressed in banana singing something about "Peanut Butter Jelly time"…t’was hilarious.

No question with Dolphy being the king of comedy. I loved him in his 80s comedy film Black Magic vs. “Santy-for-short” (or Satanas played by the late Romy Diaz). Hanep kasi sa timing si Dolphy at sa facial expression.

Vayie said...

I found the video!


BAM! said...

Haha! I find her funny too! Watch Family Guy. You'll laugh your socks off! :-)

jvincentsong said...

hey, Ramon Bautista's David Blaine spoof as Dan Michael is pure comedic genius...

BAM! said...

Jan: Oo nga. I've seen it :)