Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Office Outing

I have never been active in company outings. I've never attended one in my two previous companies (except for the annual planning sessions). I always thought that it's always better to spend some time with family and friends rather than the people whom I spend my time every working day. Sounds logical if you ask me.

For the first time in my 10 year career, I finally agreed to go an outing. One, because I x-dealed the venue of the outing and two, because most of my office friends were going. Heck, this may be the first and last outing that I'll ever attend in my present work, so why not just enjoy it?

I'm glad I did.

I enjoyed out of time trip. Most of us work with each other's department on a daily basis and it was a good thing that we spent some time not talking about work . . . that much. There was never a dull moment; from the time we left the office until the time we got back.

The weather was fine. I was actually afraid that it might rain last Friday since it was raining hard the day before. Good thing it didn't. We hit the beach as soon as we got the venue even when most of us were tired from the 4-hour trip.

Our group was divided into 3:

The Bagets - obviously the young people in our group with an average age of 25 (or younger I think)
The Gboys - the men in the group who have experienced Gout pains (hindi ako kasama dito pero sabi nila hintayin ko daw). Mas ka jamming ko itong mga 'to kasi mas closer mga age namin.
The Mancom - the senior officers of the group (big bosses)

Of course there were some people who fell in between the cracks (like me hehe) who jived with everyone.

When the evening came, the Bagets were swimming in the pool, the Gboys were playing billiards, the Mancom were having their Mancom (hehe) and I was going from one group to another in my quest to entice everyone to the idea of drinking alcohol under the stars (which I think was the right thing to do). Good thing the Bagets had some Tequila so I started filling the shot glasses. After a while I ordered some beer and we transferred from the pool side to the beach.

The beach is where the party started. We brought a mini-component and I started playing Marley tunes and other reggae cds. Reggae music, which in my opinion, is best when listened to with the sound of the waves and under the moon and the stars.

Being the social person that I am (especially with the influence of alcohol), I went from one group to another enjoying their company. Everybody enjoyed the night and I know that it will be one of the most memorable nights that we will have as a group.

Here are some pics of our beach party:

Leslie, Ferlin, Eric F, Nancy and Dionna

Ate Nancy, Shy, Che, Tita Susan and Ferlin (kalahati lang) at the back: Roy and Erwin (usapang lasing)

Pool side peeps: Jun, Eric P, Eric F, Roy, Me, Ate Nancy, Shy, Che, Nica, Ellen and Arlene

Shy: Akin nalang 'to a! (center)
Nica: Sa'yo na basta akin 'tong chips! (right)
Ate Nancy: Takaw nitong mga 'to! (left)

Di pa kami bangag!

Tagal naman ma-todas nito! (Ang mag amo'ng sira ulo, Me and Toni)

Ummm! Buhay ka pa a!

My next victim!

The TALIKOGENICS: Me, Eric P, Willy, Erwin and Roy

I went to the cottage at around 430am with only 3 of us left in the beach (but not without dipping in the pool for almost an hour). The next day some of the peeps went snorkeling and diving. I swam in the pool and the beach. Snorkeling and diving was never my thing although I would like to try out diving.

Morning Swim

The Boys

Kaltok moments:

Opismeyt 1(who went diving): "Pare, may nakita akong 2 isda, ang laki! Tinitignan ko nga tapos nilapitan ko. Di umalis pare! Ang tapang!"

Opismeyt 2 (who didn't go snorkeling or diving):" Oo nga, tapang nun a! Di natakot. Di tumakbo."

The Pakarazzi: "Papano tatakbo yun e walang paa yun. Hehe"

Opismeyt 2: "Langya 'to hiniritan pa ko."


I made the room assignments . . .

The Pakarazzi: "O, yung mga room assignments, di ko pinag sama-sama mga Gboys a.

Gboy: "Bakit?"

The Pakarazzi: "E pano kung magka-sunog? E di lahat kayo di nakatakas dahil masakit paa nyo. Walang aakay sa inyo!"

Gboy: "Langya ka. Hayup!"


Everyone went home tired the next day, but with smiles on their faces.

Its nice to have an activity like this once in a while. Officemates can develop new friendships and renew old ones. Now they're planning for another one. Mukhang di magkakasawaan mga tao dito!



GARET said...

Nice pix... :) nakaka miss ang mga company outings! hehehe

tonyo gurl said...

of course na-enjoy ang boss ko! sakalin ba naman ako ng maraming beses..

BAM! said...

garet : thanks! :-)

tonyo : buhay ka pa? hehe