Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sophie News

I spent the whole day at home yesterday since it was Pasig Day and it was a non-working holiday for us Pasig based worker ants. I really wanted to stay at home to spend time with my unica hija. We watched 3 DVDs of Barney and she was, as usual dancing to the purple dinosaur's tunes. I even had LSS for MR. SUN and BUTTERFLY, BUTTERFLY (not good I tell you). Sophie actually knows the hand gestures for the songs (okay, okay, Iknow some of them too . . .).

Sayang, di ko nakuhanan n
g video.

Anyway, there's one good thing, no, no, VERY GOOD thing that happened yesterday: Sophie made wiwi in the toilet already! She said wiwi and then pointed to her diaper, her signal to have it removed. So her Yaya removed her diaper and then she sat on the toilet (using her potty trainer toilet seat). She made wiwi!

Now she wants to go to the toilet every time she needs to pee (when she's awake of course). She did it this morning!

My baby's growing up already. She's only one and a half years old and she knows how to pee in the toilet already! I'm very, VERY excited!

I'm one proud Daddy! I can hear may wife now saying: "Ang OA mo naman!"

COMING VERY SOON: Sophie making poopoo in the toilet hehe!


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Vayie said...

Ayan, medyo makakatipid na kayo ni Jan sa diapers. =)