Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All grown up

I didn't realize that I've grown up until the day we found out that we were pregnant. You see, even when we got married, we still lived a carefree life. We were always out on a date, out of town trips, food trip and whatever caught our fancy. We really enjoyed ourselves. Just like when we were in college.

Now things are a bit different.With Sophie now completing our family of three, all our decisions are now calculated, short of doing a cost and benefit analysis or a profit and loss sensitivity analysis. We've now come to realize that everything that we are doing now could affect the future of our family and we should be extra careful. After one year and six months, we've already adjusted and now things are going rather smoothly.

A few years back, I never imagined myself being a father. Now I'm a proud daddy who sings Barney songs. I wonder what my "younger me" would say if he knew that Jan and I would have a daughter?

Just last week, we made another grown-up decision. We decided to purchase property somewhere in QC. That was a big step that I personally didn't want to take at that time. I wanted everything especially finances to be in order. But Jan, being her usual solid-as-a-rock-lakas-ng-loob-kaya-natin-yan self, really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity, so we pushed some numbers and it turns out with some (a lot!) of sacrifices the we can afford it (barley!). I'm not a pessimist, in fact I'm very optimistic about everything. But I also want to be realistic.

I never imagined making that grown-up move at this time and right now, but I'm glad we did it. Making that decision will help put other things in motion that will also help us in the long run. Imagine, if we waited for another year or two, it would have caused financial complications because of Sophie's schooling, or because the price of the property would have doubled. Usapang grown-up!

Oh my, I feel all grown up now. I really admire Jan for pushing us to do this. Sometimes we all need a little push for us to move on and grow as people.

Scary yet exciting!



Vayie said...

At least you're the kind of man who became mature when faced with the responsibilities. Marami pa rin kasi ang nagbubuhay-binata pa kahit may pamilya na.

Buying that property is indeed a big step but one should always start somewhere. Mahirap naman kung ipagpaliban pa `yan, who knows what could turn out `di ba? I know hindi naman on an impulse `yan so goodluck to you and Jan!

GARET said...

sa buhay mahirap maging palaging sigurista. i mean hindi naman kelangang mag desisyon ng hindi pinag-iisipan. Pero, minsan kailangang gawin ang isang bagay mahirap man yun, para mag grow tayo. "Hindi nagiging masaya ang taong palaging may fear sa puso nila!"

GO GO GO! Mas may exciting ang buhay kapag gumgawa ng mga bagay na magbibigay ng challenges sa atin...

'siguro, ako yung tipo ng taong,ang iniisip -- paano mo malalaman kung hindi mo susubukan!' :)

BAM! said...

Vayie : Thanks! Big step talaga. Mababawasan na pagbili ko ng yosi hehe

Garet : Oo nga. Sabi nga ng Nike "Just Do It" at ni Flavier "Let's DOH It" hehe. Thanks!

titashi said...

wow! iba ka na talaga! you really turned into the best dad and husband that you could be. parang di ko ma-imagine ah....hehehe! seriously, congrats and kaya nyo yan!

ps: saan ba yan sa QC? naghahanap din kame ng affordable property sa QC eh. thanks!