Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Whatever . . .

I do not know why controversies follow this (please click) guy wherever he goes. Does he have the wrong set of friends? Are the people around him just using him? Can he make decisions for himself like a grown-up should? He went out of the country after a scandal and now he's making waves again with all these court cases (please click), new and old ones. If I were him, I would've just stayed in the States and live a peaceful life.

Kaya nga hindi ako nag artista e . . . . haay. hehe

I don't believe I'm even talking about this!



Someone's suing the Calayans for a botched penis enlargement procedure. Bwahaha! Wala lang . . .

Nakakatawa lang :D


I've felt a little bored since Monday. I don't know why. I go through this once in a while and I'm looking for something to jump start my working days. I'm usually a workaholic and idleness was never my thing. I always go out of my way to find something to do.

This too shall pass . . .


The Spurs are down 0 - 2 against the Hornets in the NBA's Western Conference semi-finals. I can't believe it. In the first game, the Hornets defensively checked Duncan. Today, they held Ginobli and Parker to low scores. Pop should do something about this. I hope that playing in their home court would help the Spurs. This could be their last shot for a championship. Most of their players are getting old: Horry, Barry, Finley, Soudamire, Bowen and Thomas. Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli are relatively young but they'll need a solid supporting cast if they want to dominate their conference in the next few years. I wish the didn't trade Scola to the Rockets, who did pretty well this season.


Sophie has a slight fever today and we're thinking that's because of a new tooth coming out. Hope she's gets well soon. It's so sad seeing children not feeling well. Specially if it's your kid.


Everyone's raving about David Cook in American Idol. I liked his rendition of Always Be My Baby.
It was darn good. I never liked the song but now I can't get enough of it. I'm hoping to find a full version of the song with him singing it. I'm a rocker at heart and I know a good rocker when I see one. He can sing any genre too!

The way he sang Billy Jean, Eleanor Rigby and Day Tripper was just . . . uh . . . brilliant! And he's a pretty good guitar player too!

Btw, just press the link to go to the videos. Can someone please teach me how to freaking upload youtube videos here? Thanks!




GARET said...

i love david cook. galing! nung una hindi ko sya gusto.. pero, pagaling sya ng pagaling.

re: yout ube vids< copy mo lang yung embed sa mismong blog entry mo. papasok na yun.

to sophie: get well soon! see sophia, never nilagnat nung nag ipin. tsk, hindi kaya ng lagnat ang anak ko. hehehe

BAM! said...

Thanks for the tip about the youtube videos. Kahapon pa ako praning e hehe

We took sophie to the hospital today kasi medyo mataas lagnat nya. Viral daw malamang sabi ng Doctor.

Yup DC is good but the other David's good also. I think Jason Castro will be elimitated tomorrow night. He's not at par with the other finalists. He shoud have been eliminated after Ramielle M, if not before hehe