Monday, May 5, 2008

Long weekend = Long Blog

May 1 is always a holiday here in the Philippines and this year, it fell on a Thursday so I took my VL on Friday so I can have 4 straight days off. SARAP! So here's a chronicle of my 4 -day weekend:

May 1:

Went to Megamall to accompany Jan to her weekly back therapy. I also had my ankle therapy which hurt a little after our swimming in Laguna. It was a it swollen and the therapist taught me a few exercises to stengthen it since I told her that it my left ankle felt like it was missing some screws.

We met my brother Sym after the therapy. He called me earlier and asked me if I can help her GF's sister to promote the band she was handling. I told him to give me a copy of the band's mtv and I'll see if I van air it on our channel.

He gave me the DVD after our therapy. He also gave us a large TOBLERON bar and a bag of Hershey's kisses.

Bam!:"Ano tugutgan nila?

Sym: " New Wave tugtugan nila"

Suzanne (GF ni Sym): "Sila yung narinig nyo sa kotse nung papunta tayo sa Laguna na paulit ulit pinapatugtog ni Sym."

Bam!:"Ahh Ok, sige tignan natin. San kayo punta after nito?"

Sym: "Manonood kami ng Forbidden Kingdom"

Bam!: "Samin yan, may passes ako nyan e."

Sym: "Akin na lang!"

Bam!: "Di pwede ngayon kasi holiday. Di pwede gamitin hehe."

Sym: "Sus! San kayo punta ngayon?"

Bam!: "Paikot iko lang . . ."

Suzane: "Uwi na kayo?"

Bam!: "Hindi, date muna kami, minsan lang kami makalabas e. Mag-momotel muna kami hehe."

Suzzane: "Yuck! Ang tatanda nyo na!"

Jan: "Ano sabi mo?"

Bam!: "Sabi ko magmomotel muna tayo hehe."

Jan: "Gago!"

So after meeting them, we went around the mall and, wouldn't you know it? SALE sa buong mall! Oh, no . . . Oh, yes! I had mixed emotions because: 1) The day before was our pay day so I have a bit of moolah stashed 2) Im saving up for a root canal that's a bit expensive. But then I thought, who the hell saves for a root canal?

So off we went strolling in the mall. I bought some toys at Toy Kingdom: A Dieigo Maradon figure and a football referree figure. I don't watch or play football but they looked pretty cool. The most important thing was it cost about P69.00 each. Mura! I'll take two please.

Then we went to Powerbooks.

Jan:"Ano nga yung kulang natin na Lord Of The Rings?

Bam!: "The Return of the King."

Jan: "Sigurado ka?"

Bam:" Oo naman. Meron ako nung Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers e"

Jan: "Sige."

We bought the book and another one of Bob Ong's books: Bakit Baliktad Mag-Basa ang Mga Pilipino. We were eating a coffee bun that Jan bought while roaming around the bookstore. We didn't care. Gutom kami e hehe.

We went around again and we went to another toy store. We saw a lot of action figures on sale and I bagan rumaging through the Lord Of The Ring action ficures, looking for a cheap, good buy. I saw this figure of Elron (Arwen's father) priced at P199.00. I decided to buy it. I asked Jan if she was interested in buying one.

Jan:"Gusto ko Eowynn. May nakita ka ba na Eowynn?"

Bam!: "Wala e."

Jan:"Pag may Eowynn bibilhin ko."

Suddenly there's this guy who showed us the Eowynn figure.

Manong: "Eto Eowynn o."

Jan:"Ay! Si Eowynn."

Bam!: "Magnano?"

Jan: "P499"

Bam!: "Bibilhin mo?"

Jan:" Mahal e. Lokong mama yun a. Mukhang mapapasubo ako a!"

Bam!: " hehe. Bilhin mo na. Maganda naman e. Naka dress."

Jan:"E gusto ko yung naka-armor . . ."

LUSOT! In short, we didn't buy the Eowynn figure. Then we went to Filbars to buy X-Force issue 2. Unfortunately they were out but they had issue 3 already so I bought it.

Bam!: "Pare yung issue 2 ha, balikan ko sa sabado baka meron na."

Store Guy: "Sige sir, pag meron. Hanapan kita. Cable meron ka na? Maganda artwork, meron pa ko 1 & 2."

Bam!: "Sige nga patingin . . . ."

He was right. I liked it. I was sweating because this is become too expensive. One comic book cost P150. Buying 3 will cost around P450. What do I do?

Store Guy: "Sale kami ngayon. P135 lang. May libre pang backing board."

Shoot. That does it. You got me at SALE.

Bam!: "Sige, kunin ko pareho."

So now I remember why I stopped collecting. It was getting expensive. Now I think the addiction is coming back. Oh, What the hell.

After buying, we went to a few more stores. We bought Sophie's Promil and diapers and then headed home. When we went out to get a cab, it was raining pretty hard. Good thing we didn't bring Sophie along.

May 2:

Nothing special on this day. Aside from going out on a chore for a little while, I just stayed home. I did some checking on my email, posted a blog. Got a call from the office because of several problems to which my reply was: "Sa Monday na yan. Ayaw ko sumakit ulo ko ngayon." I wanted to enjoy my weekend. All the hassle from work can wait. I'd rather write a blog about our new bookshelf.

May 3:

Back to Megamall again. We were supposed to have another therapy session but we decided to skip it and watch the movie The Forbidden Kingdom. I had some passes so we can watch for free. I found myself bored and Jan was bored too. The pacing was slow and the scoring wasn't that great also. The basic premise of the movie was ok, but the screenplay was a bit anemic. Too bad. Its not everyday that you can get Jackie Chan and Jet Li in one movie.

I found myself in Filbars again. This time buying 2 more comic books (do the math). My gulay! I'm really back to the stuff! I also bought some books for Sophie. There was a Barney book and I knew she'd like it so I got that too. All in all I got 4 books for her and I have to make space for her books on our new bookshelf or buy a new one. Naaahh, we'll just make space for her books.

We also bought some DVDs in Astrovision and Video City: Little Miss Sunshine, What Dreams May Come, Shawshank Redemption, Polar Express and Tears From the Sun.

Bam!: "Remind me not to go to Megamall pag may sale."

Jan: " E ikaw dyan ang parang galit sa pera e."

She's right. So after buying the DVDs we went home.

May 4:

Sunday. I watched the Spurs vs Hornets game. I actually set the alarm on my phone to remind me. Spurs lost. Shit. Duncan wasn't playing his usual game. West and Paul were great. Manu and Tony did their usual thing and Bruce Bowen was being hammered every time he touched the ball in the paint. Watching NBA, with all the KFC ads, made me feel like I wanted to eat KFC. So I phoned for delivery. Damn that KFC for being so effective in their media buys. Pati ako napabili!

We went to church in the evening then went to the grocery to buy some stuff. I took some pictures of Sophie riding on the cart.

We didn't buy that pack of cookies in Sophie's mouth. Basa ng laway e hehe

Naku! Mahilig mag-dampot! Lagot ako pag laki nito!

My two beautiful chikababes!

Ang pogi ng Pakarazzi!! hehe Si Sophie walang pake! Sige anak, ngatngatin mo pa!

Then we bought some burger at BEN'S BURJER. The famous burger of Ben Abalos. Its a bit expensive compared to McDo and Jollibee but we decided to try it out.

Bam!: "Miss, ano ba talga? Burger or Burjer?"

Counter Girl:"Hehe, Kahit ano po!"

Bam!: "Ok, isang cheese BURJER and isang double cheese BURJER."

Malaki siguro "tongpats" sa mga burger kaya mahal hehe. They should have fries and other stuff that comes with a HamBURJER. Its still new so I guess they'll be adding more food on the menu as time goes by.
Walang meal with drinks and fries?

Double-double cheese-cheese, BURJER-BURJER please, please!

It wasn't fantastic but it was ok. I won't be buying again though. Mas gusto ko pa yung Burger Machine. We went home after buying and had dinner at home. I got to chat with some friends also. Chai and Ali. Ali is working in Japan and Chai's working the night shift at a call center. I'll tell you about them some other time.

I can't believe I spent 2 days of my 4 day weekend at a mall. A mall that I pass through every day on my way to work. I enjoyed it though. Me and Jan rarely go out anymore. Its nice to HHWW inside the mall hehe!

2 days in Megamall will leave your feet and wallet crying!

Oh man! Its 3:30am! Got to go to sleep.

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GARET said...

nakakamiss ang mall ng Pinas! Hehehe

BAM! said...

Ang dami ngang mall dito. Sabi nila mahirap daw buhay sa pinas, pero lagi naman puno ang mga malls. Lalo na pag sale!