Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Mighty Ducks

I'm writing this while watching THE MIGHTY DUCKS on the Disney channel. I love this movie. A story about a group of friends who had one thing in common: they sucked at playing hockey. It wouldn't have mattered if they weren't competing in a state competition. Enter Emilio Esteves, a lawyer turned reluctant hockey coach who used to be a star hockey player in the peewee hockey league.

The team had a rough start but after a rocky relationship, they eventually the true meaning of team work and won the championship. This movie was so good it had two more sequels.

I remeber that there was a time when me and my friends watched this before playing our baketball game in one of the summer leagues from where we were living before. Its a feel good movie. I don't remember if we won the game but what i remember is that after watching the movie, we felt like a team and we played like one.

I always feel good when I watch this movie. I always watch it when its on. No matter how many times I've seen it.

I think this movie and its sequels should be shown during team building sessions. It shows the reality that every person in the team is different with his / her own little quirks. It showa that chemistry is key to a good working relationship. More importantly, it shows that, whatever the goal is, teamwork is the best way to achieve it.


God knows the people in our government should watch it. It may give them the sense of fair play. Who am I kidding? Baka magkaroon lang sila ng team work magnakaw hehe!

A little bit of trivia: Joshua Jackson of DAWSON'S CREEK starred in the 3 Mighty Ducks movies.

Mental note: look for the DVDs to add to our collection. I want Sophie to watch all 3 movies too!


We brought Sophie to the hospital today because she had a very high fever last night. The doctor said it was viral and its the season for childrens fever because of the weather. I hope she gets well soon. She's been a bit cranky because she's not feeling well. A good indication was we played a bit and she was laughing again.

Hope she gets better tomorrow.


Vayie said...

Hope your baby gets well soon.

BAM! said...

Thanks Vayie. When I left for the office this morning ok na sya. Sana tuloy-tuloy na :D

GARET said...

sana nga maging okay na sya. wawa, alam mo bang nung nasa AZ kami si sophia na ICU, new year yun. as in. sobrang umiiyak ako. kawawa ang babies kapag may sakit...

BAM! said...

Thanks Garet. Oo, nakakaawa mga bata pag may sakit. She's ok na today. :D