Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Concerted Effort

San Antonio won over the New Orleans Hornets 31-82! I never doubted for a second! This is the first in the series that I saw them play like a good basketball team in New Orleans. The Hornets were playing well in the first and second quarter but their lack of playoff experience showed on the third quarter when the Spurs led as much as 17 points. Watching them play was like listening to an AC/DC song. Solid rhythm with spectacular riffs.

The Spurs will face the LA Lakers on Thursday (Philippine time) on the Laker's home court. Another classic match in the making. In my opinion, as long as the Spurs' big men keep Gasol in check, they'll come out of this series as the western conference champs. Kobe will always be Kobe and he will always find ways to score. Its the other contributing players they should be concerned about. Put Bowen on Kobe to make it harder for the reigning MVP to score.

Duncan and Gasol can be a good match-up also. It will be a battle of the Forward-Centers. I think Gasol can be faster than Timmy, but I know that Timmy has more aces up his sleeve. Odom can be a problem too but I'm sure the Pop will have a good player rotation this series. With Tim, Manu, Toni, Bowen an the rest of the guys playing like the defending champions that they are, I expect the Spurs come out of this series as the victors.

Man! I'm looking forward to the next game!


The James Blunt concert was ok. I only know one of his songs so I wasn't really expecting anything. His lyrics were heavy and deep. Jan commented that his concert was just like attending a poetry reading plus the background music. As for the music, I found some of the songs to be so sad, that if I were loaded with ganja, I would have cried.

The band was ok. I thought the guitarist was great. As for the other members, they were pretty solid too. He's a good performer also. There was a time that he jumped from the stage and ran through the crowd. The show started at around 8:45pm and was over by around 10pm.

His music caters to the thinking, intelligent crowd. But I bet some of the fans were there because of his looks, and the song "You're Beautiful", the only song I know. I'm actually glad that I went to the concert, because I'm always open to any kind of music.

*** I'll upload the video of "You're Beautiful" once I've transferred it already :-)

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