Thursday, May 8, 2008

Look at these kids . . .

Uso pa ba ang harana?

I saw this pic and I thought it was cute. I was serenading my future wife. If I'm not mistaken, this was taken back in 1999 in one of the parties of her friends. Yup, I play the guitar, and I can carry a tune too (ehem, ehem!). Man, this brings back a lot of memories. I've forgotten what I was playing in this pic, pero mukha namang natuwa si Jan (kaso nakatalikod, eh!).

Jan and I met during college at UST. We were batch mates during elementary but we were never classmates. In fact, she was the one who recognized me (no shit!). I was surprised but she said that she's been in St. Mary's long enough to recognize people who graduated there. I'd personally like to think that I was a heartthrob and she had a crush on me since elementary. But that's just me.

I'm the second guy from the left standing on the top, Jan's the second girl from the right at the bottom

I was the torpe type back in college and my "courtship" was on and off. But we did develop a friendship and in fact, I was one of her 18 roses during her Debut party. We used to go home together every night as our classes lasted till around 8-9pm.

Jan's Debut. Bam's grunge look

I left UST after our second year and our communication wasn't that regular. Until finally, I decided to ask her out. We met at Padi's Point Makati, the one that used to be in Greenbelt. I was with a couple of friends, and she was with her sister, Joy. After that, we went out more regularly than before. Just the two of us of course.

We were officially together on October 30, 1996. We were having dinner at Shakey's Greenbelt (near Tia Maria, the area is being occupied by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf now) and I suddenly had the urge to tell her how I feel. Take note that at the time, we were close friends and courtship was really a gray area. We were always hanging out but nothing was really official.

I told her that I've been wanting to tell her something for a long time. But, just in case masupalpal ako, and being the torpe that I am, I tried to tell her the only way I knew how: acting funny. I actually wanted to tell her I wanted to court her by flipping a P2.00 coin! Crazy!

Bam!: "Kung heads, liligawan kita, kung tails, hindi."

I flipped the coin . . . .heads! Shit! What will I do next? My heart was beating fast and parang nanginig yata ako sa nerbyos!

Jan, I remember was speechless, but she was smiling.

Bam!: "Naku heads . . . pano ba yan? Teka, one more time para sure."

Jan: "Sige nga . . ."

I flipped the coin again . . . heads uli! Oh my gulay! Cupid was really working his magic that time! I mean 2 heads in a row? Wow! I am such a lucky dog!

Bam!:"Heads uli . . . so . . .paano . . . ligawan na kita?"

Jan: "Huwag na, tatagal lang . . ."

Bam!: "You mean, tayo na?"

Jan: "Ayaw mo?"

Bam!: "Gusto! Ano ba date ngayon . . . October 30?"

So that's how it happened. We were friends before we got together and it all started from there.Who would have thought that we'd get married after 8 years of being together?

We still have the P2.00 coin and we are planning to keep it.

Just a pic of a P2.00 coin. The one I'm talking about is at home. I'll post a pic :D

This pic was taken during one of our many trips to Puerto Galera


Vayie said...

It would be a shame if you don't end up together. With such history.

BAM! said...

things have their way of falling into place and I'm glad the 2 peso coin fell in my favor . . . twice hehe

abu said...

nyahahaha!!! pang magpakailanman yan ah?!?! hahaha!!! grabe naman love story nyo!! kilig factor!!! hahahaha... ;p

BAM! said...

Abu: Kilig Factor? You're so gay man! And you're my brother! hehe

abu said...

bam: hahaha!! lol,,

your my big brother and you're torpe!! nyakz?!

pinabasa ko kay mama ung love story nyo,, tawa ng tawa c loka! hehe..