Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Crap! Crap! Crap!

Spurs lost Game 5! CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAPP!!!! Now they should win against the Hornets twice to advance to the third round. Good thing that the next game will be at San Antonio. The Hornets held Duncan to 10 points. David West had 38. I saw the first half of the game and the Spurs were still leading at the half. When I got to the office, I checked the net and I saw the horrible, horrible news. NOH 101 - SAS 79. Oh my gulay!! 22 points! Say it ain't so!

Parker vs Melvin Ely (who was in the Spurs championship roster last year)

I still believe that the Spurs will advance to the next round. They always play good under pressure and they're the damn reigning NBA champs for Pete's sake!.


In local crap . . .

Gas prices are going high, electricity charges are soaring and everyone's forgotten about the ZTE scandal! What the hell is happening? I remember a time when I was in High School when the jeepney fare from Bicutan to Sucat was 75 centavos. Now its P7.50. Someone please tell me what our leaders are doing after all the grandstanding on TV. More action and less talk please!

Its no wonder why a lot of Pinoys opt to go out of the country just so they can have a better life. Government accepts brain drain for their own gain. The corrupt people are getting richer and richer by the minute. What the hell are they going to do with all that money anyway? You don't need that much to eat three times a day!

It's very scary now to raise a family here. Personally I wouldn't want to leave the country simply because I believe that people can also be successful here. God has been good to me and my family and we always have food on the table 3 times a day. But now, with all of these going on, I'm starting to have second thoughts. Its very sad to know that people who are supposed to be our leaders are taking advantage of us. They are treated like kings while they should be our servants. They're sitting on their ivory towers looking down and laughing while counting their money.

Sometimes I'm comforted with the thought that they'll have their own rooms in hell when they die. With their own personal demon to torment and punish them for all eternity.


In international crap . . .

Thousands or people dead in China and Myanmar because of natural calamities. Those idiots in Myanmar's government are not doing anything about it, even turning away international aide.STUPID IDIOTS! I've seen the news and it was really depressing.

Chinese rescuers

The international community has offered support to both countries and it's a good thing that China accepted. Food, clothing and manpower are now there or in transit to help all the victims. If this happened here, the food and clothing would be divided by the government officials first before they're given to the victims.

Last night in the news they said that 12k people were dead in China. In Myanmar, the count is 34K dead and 27K missing.

I'm offering a moment of silence for the people in China, but I want to shout my lungs off to the government of Myanmar.


In my own crap . . .

I'm finding it hard to take a crap for the last few days. Maybe I need to drink more water. Maybe that's why I feel so crappy. :-)


Vayie said...

You remind me of someone I know who's a die hard SA fan.

What's happening to SA, anyway? Powerhouse `yan dati ha!

GARET said...

hindi ako masyado sa NBA. Nung nasa S kami Phoenix Suns ami. kasi taga phoenix kami e.. hehehe

BAM! said...

Vayie: I don't know nga e. They've checked Duncan over and over again.

Garet: Natakot ako sa Phoenix because of Shaq. Pero buti nalang maganda diskarte ng Spurs :D