Friday, May 23, 2008

Jump Start

Since starting this blog, I've felt a lot better and more energetic. Maybe its because now, I am able to express myself more freely than before. I've haven't felt like this in a long while. Getting feedback from people about the things I write about is so cool. Sometimes I get sms messages, emails, ym / meebo messages and some people even talk to me about my blog. THANKS FOR READING BOYS AND GIRLS!


As part of this "jump start" feeling, I've been listening to a lot of music lately. I find myself watching MTV. I actually played the guitar at the house, which I haven't touched in a long, long time. There was this one night when I came home late and there was a power interruption. Sophie was still awake so I decided to play with my kid. She wasn't really in the mood to play 'coz it was dark and a bit warm inside the house. Rather than agitate her and make her cry (which she often does whenever I suddenly grab her and smother her with kisses hehe) I grabbed the guitar and played some chords. Now, Sophie has seen the guitar in the house but I don't know if she knows the sound that it could make. So when I started playing, she laughed and went near me. She wanted to strum the guitar so she can also make the sounds. Of course I told her not to because the guitar was a bit dirty since I haven't used it in a long while.

As I was playing the guitar, a thought entered my mind. I had this urge to play a song that I would never, ever would have played even if it was a matter of life and death. I wanted to play Barney's song "I love you, you love me . . . " for Sophie. I didn't know the chords of the song but due to the daily dose of Barney (who I still hate by the way) shows that I get because of my little princes, the melody and the lyrics stuck to my mind. So I started "widowing" the chords until I've had (to my mind) the right chords for the song. I sang the song to Sophie while playing the guitar and she laughed and started hugging me. Haaaayy the things you do for your kid.

Here's the song. Sana ma-LSS din kayo like me. Torture! hehehe

After that, I was even started my widowing for Barney's song "Mr. Sun" (please click) but Jan came home and to save me the embarrassment and another kaltok moment, I stopped.

Now every time I sing the song to Sophie, she runs towards me and hugs me. Sweet!

By the way, the chords for "I Love You", just in case you have the urge to play it, is: D - Dm/Dm7 - G - Em (1st line) D - Dm - A - G - D (2nd line). At least yan yung na-kapa ko nung brown-out samin :-)


Nowadays, I'm finding myself watching MYX and MTV more often than before. I have a TV set in my office that I use to monitor our competitor and during afternoons, I tune in to these music channels. I've found out that I've missed a lot since I haven't been listening to the radio for a quite a while now. Now I watch new local and foreign bands play on TV and I have to say some of them are quite talented. I also listen to so I can stream music while working.

Some of the local bands that I listen to are:

1) Urban Dub
2) 6 Cycle Mind
3) Sinosikat?
4) Kamikaze
5) Kiko Machine
6) Imago
7) Kala
8) Join the Club
9) Chicosci
10) Sandwhich
11) Parokya ni Edgar
12) Callalily
13) Session Road
14) Narda
15) Sugarfree


One basketball team that needs a jump start is the San Antonio Spurs who fell to the Lakers 89 - 85. They were leading all through out the game when Kobe took over and led a scoring rally. The Spurs turnovers also led to the Laker's rally and they couldn't make crucial shots that they normally make. Oh well, its a 7 game series and I'm sure they'll find a way to bounce back.

Manu Ginobli reading about their game loss to the Lakers


Oh yeah, by the way, David Cook won in American Idol which will surely jump start his career to rockstardom just like fellow rockers Chris Daughtry (who's coming to Manila in July) and Bob Bice (who sounds a lot like The Black Crowes). I actually thought that David A may win because of Simon's comments to Cook but fortunately his fans rallied together and voted for the Idol rocker. I myself wasn't crazy about Cook's performance during the final performance night but I think his previous performances was enough to make him the American Idol this year.




AI rockers ROCK! hehe :-)


GARET said...

I love Bo Bice!!! hehehehe

Vayie said...

Blogging energizes you, huh?

Argh. I saw Obi Wan Ginobili na naman.

I <3 David Cook and Chris Daughtry!!!!

titashi said...

David Archuleta! David Archuleta! David Archuleta!!!!! hehehehe....
i hate barney too yuck! harharhar!
thanks for the update sa NBA though...

BAM! said...

GARET: i like him too. I like his southern rock sound which reminds me of Lynnard Skynard (Sweet Home Alabama), Black Crowes and Cry of Love and Credence Clearwater Revival :)

VAYIE: Why? Don't you like Manu? He's the firecracker of San Antonio's offense. Si Daughtry cool din. Naghahanap nga ako ng contacts for free tickets e hehe

TITASHI: Hehe Grabe talaga Barney kami everday. Tawag ni Sophie sa kanya 'Arnie. Tapos pag nakita nya na nilalagay ko yung DVD ni Barney sa player, tumatalon sa tuwa kahit hindi pa nag-play yung video.
Dito sa office, pag may standee ng Barney, sinusuntok ko e hehehe