Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Pakarazzi TOP ANYTHING: Rock Bands

Just wanted to share my list of fave bands:

MORE than 10 Top Foreign Bands (in no particular order):

1.) Black Crowes - (I love their first album, especially the song "She Talks To Angels")

2.) Pearl Jam - What can I say. . . they're awesome. I like listening to "State of Love and Trust"

3.) Cream - "Born Under a Bad Sign" (I've been down since I began to crawl . . .)

4.) AC/DC - "Thunderstruck" (Asteeeg!)

5) Dave Matthews Band - "Satellite" (Cool song. Cool band)

6) U2 - "All I Want Is You" (Need I say more?)

7) Cry of Love - "Pretty as You Please"(Yeah Baby!)

8) Metallica "Of Wolf and Man" (Shape shiiift!!)

9) Mr. Big - "Green Tinted Sixties Mind" (loved it, played it, still loving it!)

10) Poison - "Unskinny Bop!" (blew me away!)

11) RHCP - "My Friends" (Flea!)

12) Black Sabbath - "War Pigs" (Oh lord yeah!)

13) Linkin Park - "Crawling" (English for "gapang" hehe)

14) Guns and Roses - " November Rain" (everyone felt this song . . )

15) Live - "When Dolphin's Cry" (Kick ass!)

16) Beatles - "Eleanor Rigby" (all the lonely people . . .)

18) The Darkness - "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" (Me too . . hehe)

19) Warrant - "Heaven" (theme song of love struck teens in my day . . .)

20) Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir" (I think I hear Godzilla)

I've got a lot more favorite bands, but I'm afraid my page might hang. I like Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Matchbox Twenty, Smashing Pumpkins and a whole lot more. I didn't include "Solo" performers like Jimi Hendrix, Santana and Eric Clapton (though he's part of Cream) because I wanted to post about bands per se.

Just click the links to view the videos.

I hope you enjoy the videos! More TOP ANYTHING to come!

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