Monday, June 2, 2008

Saturday Gimmick

Got this text message from my friend and elementary batch mate Au at 7:11 am last Saturday:

"Hey! Hey! Musta na? It's been awhile since our (referring to our elementary batch) last meet ups ah . . . how about tonight? Mira and I will go to Tiendesitas at 9PM and watch Jaq's gig. Ano . . .?"

Now I don't usually wake up that early. ESPECIALLY on a weekend. So yes, Au's text woke me up. I texted back:

"Aga mag text a. Game!"

It's been a long time since Jan and I want out with friends. Au and I have been talking about a mini gathering the past week so I readily agreed to go. I also wanted Jan to see Jaq and her band Wodo Tribe to play on stage. They were good, as I've seen in our cable show event when we got them to perform.

Before going to Tiendesitas, I called Au to ask where they were seated. We arrived at Tiendesitas at around 10pm. When we got there, Mira, Au and Ronel (our batch mate and Jaq's husband) were already there. Jaq was in the waiting area, waiting for their next set. Yup, Jan and I aren't the only batch mates who are married to each other. Ronel and Jaq tied the knot just this year.

Anyway, I immediately ordered a couple of beers and Calamares as Jan and I chatted with the group. We were told that Allen, our batch mate and close friend passed by but left earlier because he had a prior commitment.

Mira was her usual self, her voice dominating our table. She's one of the loudest persons (and she knows this) I know, but she's ok. She started heckling me (which she always does whenever we meet) and I also had a few paangaasar for her under my sleeve.

There was this one point when she was teasing me about sex:

Mira: "Ikaw sobrang laki mo, siguro isang position lang kayo ni Jan sa sex no?"

Bam!: "Hoy! Hinde a!"

Jan was just laughing about it.

Bam!: "Apat kaya!"

Mira:"Ows? Baka isa lang."

Jan: "Pagusapan ba yan dito? hehe"

Bam! (looking at Jan): "Huy, pagtangol mo naman ako!"

Jan: "Bahal ka! hehe"

Bam! "Sus! Yari ka sakin . . . reypin kita mamaya pag uwi. Isa't kalahating beses! hehe"

Everyone was laughing. I made fun of myself and I found it funny too.

Bam!: "Au, may dala ka bang remote?"

Au: "Remote? Para saan?"

Bam!: "Para kay Mira. Gusto ko na sya i-mute e. hehe"

Au: "Wala e. hehe"

Bam!(looking at Jan): "Next time, dala tayo ng remote. hehe"

Mira: "Hoy! Matakot kayo pag tumahimik ako! Baka nagugunaw na mundo nun!"

Jaq and Wodo Tribe performed their last set of the night. They performed 2 sets earlier but Jan and I weren't able to see it because we came in late. The crowd enjoyed their music. There were some fans who even wanted to get Jaq's number. Sikat! Good thing that she knows how to handle situations like that.

After a lot of asaran and catching up we finally decided to call it a night at around 1:30am. A bit earlier than usual (Jan and I and some of our friends usually go home around 2 or 3 am . . . back in the day). We called ourselves "closers" because we only went home when the bars are closing already.

Nice gimmick night. I think we all enjoyed.

Here are some pics of our Tiendesitas gimmick:

Ronel, Jaq, Au, Jan, Me and Mira

Kami uli! Syempre!

Jan and Mira. Nag join forces para asarin ako hehe

Gurlalus: Jaq, Jan, Mira and Au

Sila uli!



I hope that next time, more of our batch mates would join us. :-)


Au said...

wui! bida ko dito sa blog mo ah..hehe...

natuloy ba ung "wan enahaf" na yan, ha...?

sent you an email list of contacts c/o lhyn... sana mas madami dis saturday...

Vayie said...


Mas guwapo nga si Viva Hot Men, este, Viva Hot Cake pala kesa kay you-know-who. Hahahaha.

Enjoy na lang kayo sa gimmick!