Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gimmick on a weekday

I went out with some of my oldest friends last night. It was long overdue and we were all glad that we went out. Most of us came from the same school so we were reminiscing about our good old college days. What's interesting is we never thought that we'd be where we are now when we were still students. From being a snotty nosed college kid to being the masters of our own universe, all of us has come a long way.

We started at around 8pm and went home before 2am. I'd like to write about it more but I think I drank around 14 bottles of beer and now medyo sabaw pa rin utak ko. Anyway, everybody enjoyed the night and that's what's important.

Drinking on a weekday is cool. Its a good thing all of us have flexible scheds so we can afford to come in a little late the next day.

Yun lang :-)

It's been a while since I rank Super Dry. Good thing I drank it the whole night. Sarap!

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