Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday Date with the Missus

Jan and I finally found time to watch a movie last night. We've been wanting watch THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN since we saw the trailer a few months ago. So we met at Megamall for the last full show which would start at 9:30pm. I got there first because my office is near Megamall and I wanted to go there early so I can pay my celfone bill and do a little window shopping.

We met around 9pm and decided to have a bananna chocolate crepe at French Baker. We ordered just one to share since we bothe had late merienda at our respective offices, but it was so delicious, I ordered another one.

After our dessert/dinner, we went to Astro Vision to buy Sophie a new Barney DVD. Actually, I think its for our benefit since we're both tired of hearing/watching the 5 Barney dvds that Sophie watches everyday. She usually watches 2-3 dvds per day. Sawa na kami, si Sophie di pa, hehe.

We went in the Cinema a few minutes late but it was ok coz I didn't think we missed anything important. The movie was ok. The effects were great. It was nice to see the Pevensie children again on the big screen. Since watching the first movie (The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe) I was hooked. I loved the world of Narnia. I even have the compilation of all of Narnia books.

What struck me was the Prince Caspian movie really didn't follow the book (like most movies). While we were watching, I kept saying to Jan "that's not in the book" everytime there are scenes that are really not in the book. She'd just look at me with the kind of look that would melt the a la mode on the crepe that we ate earlier.

This the reason I want to read a book first before watching the movie version. I bought the Lord of the Rings Trilogy before seeing the film. I was even reading the Vampire Chronicles years before Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned were made into movies.

But even if the new Narnia movie wasn't an exact take-off from the book, it was pretty ok with me. The important thing was the director showed the essence of the book. C.S. Lewis the author of the Chronicles of Narnia and best friend of J.R.R Tolkien, the writer of The Lord of the Rings, always includes religious tones in all of his books. In all of the Narnia books, Aslan (Jesus) is always there to help his people. He always comes to those who have faith in him (like the children, especially Lucy). And good, always truiamhs over evil, no matter what happens. You'd be surpirised with what will happen at the last book of the series: Chornicles of Narnia: The Last Battle. I won't say. . . but I was truly surprised!

Narnia is a good book. I recommend it for kids and aduts. The books can hit you pretty hard sometimes and because of the religious themes in the books, you can relate it to real life, there are times when it may even inspire you.


After the movie, we saw my highschool barkada Jeff and his family. His 2nd daughter is actually my godchild. They live in Paranaque and I was surprised to see them at Mega. He said that his kids really wanted to watch Narnia and Megamall has the only theater left where the movie is showing (the movie has been in theater for a few weeks now). It was good to see them and I hope we can get together one of these days. The last time we had one was Sophie's birthday last January.


When we got home, I immediately tried to fix the laptop which crashed earlier. Good thing I was able to restore my OS (ang galing ng Windows XP!) and I'm using it now to write this blog. Good thing because i just bought (finally!) a 1 gig mini sd card for my E61 (for only P250, sale!) and I really wanted to transfer a lot of mp3s to my phone.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend boys and girls!


GARET said...

busog k pa nyan? kunwari hati pa, tapos order lang pala ulit... hahahaha!

BAM! said...

hehe! sarap e! I've been craving for it all weekend :D