Tuesday, June 17, 2008

GMA Family Day at EK

Last Saturday we went to Enchanted Kingdom. GMA 7 (where Jan is working) gave away free tickets for their employees (Sarap!). We left the house at around 9am and got there around 1030am. We went with Sophie and her yaya. It was a very hot day . . . until it rained around noon time.

I'm actually not that big a fan of theme park rides. I remember going to Boom na Boom, Star City and the other big carnivals when I was growing up, but we went there to meet girls hehe. I had this bad experience when I puked after riding Anchors Away.

Anyway, I got to ride 3 rides last Saturday: a mini train with Sophie, the Carousel with Sophie and the small roller coaster with Jan. We just went around the whole day because Sophie can't ride most of the rides and she's scared of almost all of the rides that she can ride. She was even scared of the Carousel when it was moving already and it was a god thing that there was a bench behind where we were situated. We sat down because she was squirming while the whole time.

Here are some of our pics:

Nagulat si Sohpie sa dami ng tao!

Sophie: "Wimming . . . wimming"

I wish forever ko maging baby si Sophie . . . ang laki at ang bigat na!

No Sophie, that's not Daddy! Loko 'to a!

Sophie's favorite ride: The Floor

Yup, I puked after riding this ride on a full stomach eons ago hehe

Mommy can't convince Sophie to smile kasi medyo takot sa ride. Pero Sophie rode this 3 times!

Daddy: "Sophie smile!" Sophie: "Ayaw mo . . . Ayaw mo"

Natuwa si Sophie. She spent 30 minutes just sitting there.

Tulog si Sophie, kaya si Mommy and Daddy muna ang sasakay sa rides hehe

This ride stopped just so Sophie and Jan can get off. Ayaw ni Sophie talaga.

Jan and I played a laser tag game at EK also. We played with a lady in her fifties, a girl in her early twenties and a boy who's I think in 4th grade. It was boys versus girls and I was confident in winning because of my airsoft game experience. We would have beaten the girls if:

1) The boy didn't just hide and helped me shoot the girls. It was like 3 vs 1.
2) If I wasn't tall. You have to shoot your enemies on the head to score. Even when I was kneeling down for cover, the girls could still see my head.
3) If I remembered to shoot the enemy in the head. Most of my shots were targeting the girls' upper bodies so I didn't hit them that much.

So I was the first one to lose all the 20 lives alloted to each player. But it was ok since I showed Jan how I moved during airsoft games.

Bam!: "Nakita mo? Bilis ko umikot no? Kung saan saan nyo ko nakikita. Gulat kayo no?"

Jan: "Ang laki mo e. Bilis mo makita."

Bam!: "Ganyan ako maglaro pag airsoft!"

Jan: "Ang dali mo tamaan."

Bam!: "Alam mo kung bakit galaw ako ng galaw? Kasi alam ko na hindi masakit yung tatama sakin. Pag airsoft takot ako kasi masakit tumama yung pelet e hehe"

Jan: "Patay ka naman kagad!"

Bam!: "E kung di ako gumalaw e di parepareho tayong nag hintayan. Walang nangyari."

Jan: "Talo naman kayo."

Ayaw patalo . . . hehe

It was a good trip for all of us. It was like and advanced Father's day celebration for me and my family. We left at around 830pm and got home before 10pm.

I hope we do it again next year!


GARET said...

ay na miss ko tuloy ang SMART! hehehe, palaging dyan ang family day namin dati! ngayon ata swimming na e.

ang laki na ni Sophie, at mahilig din sa floor! hehehe.. parang kamukha ni Janaki! Tama ba ko?

BAM! said...

kamukha ko! hehe