Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saturday Madness (batch gimmick 6/7/08)

Saturday was a very busy day for the Pakarazzi.

Well . . . a bit busy.

My weekend activty started at around 4pm (after playing with Sophie and watching DVD the whole day). Jan and I went to Greenhills together with my brother Patrick, my sister-in-law Joy and my brother in law Jason. Jan wanted to watch SEX IN THE CITY THE MOVIE while I didn't want to. I just wanted to accompany Patrick to the store to have his Playstation fixed and just go around the mall a little.

Anyway, when we got there, Jan and her siblings went in the movie theater to buy tickets. There were a number of people in line for the next screening so I told her that I'd meet them back there around 7:30 pm (the time when the movie ends). Patrick and I went to the shop to have his PS2 fixed.

When we got to the shop, we asked the lady to take a look at it and she told us to be back after 30 mins. So we went around for a while and did a little window shopping. I wasn't really in the mood to shop for clothes because I just bought 3 shirts and 1 cap from the Rudy Project sale at our building. Patrick wasn't planning on spending a single centavo since he was saving up to buy a PSP.

We asked around to see how much a PSP costs nowadays. We found out that one could buy a second hand unit for around 6K. A brand new one can cost around 8.5 - 9.5k, depending if its the slim one or the original version. I was even thinking about trading my celphone (a Nokia E61) for a PSP and another fone unit, but I decided to wait for christmas instead. Besides, baka mahiram lang sakin ni Pat, sya nalang una bumili para mahiram ko hehe.

When we got back to the store, the lady said that the lense of the PS2 was already old and needs replacement and will cost around 4K. Sus, I bought mine for 5K so I didn't think it was worth having it fixed. Anyway, Pat had another PS2 unit at home, which was not converted, but he's got lots of original games to play with.

So we went around again. We went to Oddyssey and found a DVD sale: buy-one-take-one for P199. I bought 4 dvds: Dodgeball, Rules of Engagement, The Rookie and Courage Under Fire.

Pat and I went to Starbucks as per his request because he said he was addicted to mocha frap. I bought two venti mocha frap and we passed our time smoking outside.

When the movie was over, Jan texted me and said that they'll just meet us at Starbucks. So we met there and they decided that they wanted to look around then have dinner. Pat and I went around the whole mall for two and a half hours already but, of course we had no choice hehe.

Anyway after roaming around Greenhills again we decided to have a quick bite at Brother's Burger. I say quick because Jan and I had a prior gimmick planned with our elementary friends that same evening at Grilla Makati (Kalayaan Ave). I must say though, the burger at Brother's didn't taste like the burger that we used to eat at Brother's Rockwell.

I texted my Bong Cabrido and called Ronald Dacia both our batchmates, that we'll be a little late. Jan decided that she was tired and wanted to go home already. So we took separate cabs, me going to Makati and Jan, Patrick, Joy and Jason going back to our place.


When I was in the cab, I called up Allen Argosino to ask him if he was going.

"Kanina pa 'ko andito" was his reply and I said "I'm on my way. Galing lang kami sa Greenhills".
Bong was already there wnd when I arrived at Grilla, He and Allen already had a table. Allen's officemate Paolo was also with him.

Hmm . . . . mukhang magiging for the boys 'to a, I thought. None of our lady friends were there.
So it was just the four of us: Me, Bong, Allen and Ronald. Allen's officemate left before Ronald arrived. Four boys with some cash to spare. The possibilities are endless . . . unless our wallets become empty.

We discussed a lot of things that men usually talk about over bottles of beer:

1) NBA - Bong was a Laker fan, Allen was a Celtic fan and of course I am a Spurs fan. We found out that Ronald was a Celtic fan too, when he arrived.

2) Shoes - Yes, boys love shoes also. There's one particular guy who loved shoes too much. Particularly rubber shoes. I won't tell who, but it isn't me.

3) Video Games - Yep, from PS2 to Wii. Boys love video games.

4) Psycho killers - Bong and Allen both watch this show on the Discovery channel about killers and it was quite . . . intersting in a morbid kind of way.

5) Former classmates - Remembeting our elementary kalokohans and the people we did our kalokohan with.

6) Girls - From batchmates to me meeting the Viva Hot Babes. Yup. I'll just leave it at that :-D

7) Guns - Boys love guns. Nuff said.

8) Politics - Every beer drinker loves discussing politics. We also discussed our soldier's present conditions. A bit sad. Brought out our patriotic side.

9) Philosophyical and Artisitic Matters - All of us were deep thinkers that night. We talked about what we really wanted to do, how work affects our creativity and what we want to do if we find more time for ourselves. The usual stuff.

Please take note that this is the chronological order of our discussion. The higher the number, the more beer that we have consumed hehe.

We didn't take any pictures since, I would think, that we'll all look stupid if people see four grown men take pictures of each other and besides, I think no one brought a camera.

Bong went home a bit earlier than the restr of us. The three of us left decided to check out this "Lady Boxing" bar near Grilla. When we went in, There was this big boxing ring in the middle of the bar and some women dancing. We asked what time the boxing will start and the waitress said that it will start in a few minutes. We ordered beer and I thought that it would be pretty amazing and exciting to watch the lady boxers if not for one thing: all the lady boxers looked like Manny Pacquiao (I don't mean to be rude . . . but that's how you'd describe it if you were there). So after gulping our beers we decided to call it a night.

Ronald took a cab home while Allen and I decided to eat before going home. After a few barbecues and 1 round of beer, we both went home . . . around 4:30 am.

It was a nice gimmick night for all of us and in fact, we're planning to have another one two weeks from now. I hope more of our batchmates will come and I'm really looking forward to it.

Cheers guys!


GARET said...

Hahaha! Lady Boxers look like Manny Pacquiao...what do you expect naman? Hahaha talaga! (ang sama ko..sorry!)

BAM! said...

Syempre we were expecting more kasi girlie bar yun e. Yun pala ang market nila mga foreigners hehe

Au said...

nice..blow-by-blow ng events ah... sensya mira and i weren't there..did my best to send text brigade to everyone..there's always a next time...=)