Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sophie's early x-mas gift

I bought Sophie a 2nd hand battery operated 4-wheel motorcycle from an officemate for a really cheap price. I've been wanting to buy her that for this year's Christmas but the brand new ones are a little pricey at around Php 4k (minimum). Good thing my officemate sold it to me for just P1.5k, still a little pricey, but cheaper compared to the new ones. The toy is still ok, although the stickers on it are faded already, but its ok 'coz the important thing is the motor works and Sophie enjoys playing with it.

We were planning to use it yesterday, which was a holiday, but because of the rain, Sophie had to play it in-doors.

Here are some pics:

Sophie's new Harley!

Sophie: "Ang layo na ng narating ko a!"

Sophie: "Nawawala na yata ako!"

Sophie: "Kasya kaya si Barney dito?"

Sophie: "San ba gas station nito?"

Jan (before I brought home the toy): "Bakit ka bumili nun? Gastos lang yan!"
Jan (after I brought home the toy): "Kasya Kami!"

Jan: "Sophie, ako naman. Alis dyan!!"


Vayie said...

Wow! Ang cute naman! You said that's battery-operated? What battery exactly?

Anyways, so what if it's second hand? My officemates (who have kids) would even buy pre-owned children stuff and toys on eBay. Who needs brand new especially kung bata lang ang gagamit? Mga matatanda lang naman ang vain and price-conscious. Pero pag sa kids, talu-talo `yan.

Mura mo na siyang nakuha ha. From 4K to 1K+, good deal.

Hahaha! Pati si Jan nakisakay!

BAM! said...

rechargable battery sya. medyo malaki yung battery e.

mura talaga, kaya di na ko nagdalawang isip e. gusto na kasi ni sophie mag ride sa mga ganyan e syempre di ko matiis yung baby ko.

si Jan naikot na yung bahay namin with the motorcyle hehe!

tonyo gurl said...

huwawww naman ang kyut ni ms. jan at sophie!!! pwera yung ama.. buti di nasama