Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Went home a bit early because of some domestic brouhaha, but still needed to do some work for our presentation this coming Friday. I'm actually using my downtime to write this.

Anyway, I saw on the news that Claudio Teehankee, who was imprisoned for shooting and killing Maureen Hultman and her friend inside an exclusive subdivision back in the 90's, will be released from lifetime imprisonment because GMA commuted his sentence.

I really can't believe that they're considering to let him go. How can they release a murderer? Well, they released a plunderer so this really doesn't surprise me. I also heard that Teehankee was being considered because of good behavior. If only he was behaving the time he shot those people, then he wouldn't even be there.

I say let the f***er rot in jail. Otherwise, anyone will think that they can kill and pretend to behave inside their cells with the knowledge that they'll be out in a few years because of good behavior.

He took a life for pete's sake!

I don't get this at all.

Yup, I'm definitely buying a gun. Their letting killers out of jail now.


Vayie said...

I share the same sentiment. If Maureen were still alive today, she'd be around the same age as ours. So imagine the pain that her parents went through then. After 17 years, Teehankee is now a free man. I ask the same question: Where's the justice? No wonder, the Hultmans' are so upset.

Nainis pa `nga ako because I think it was Secretary Ermita who even said na kay Jesus Christ na lang sila umapela. @#$%!! It's really adding insult to injury!

Then from what I heard, next na daw bibigyan ng Executive pardon si Rolito Go, who also senselessly took a life a few years back. Minsan tuloy hindi mo alam why GMA is giving clemency (I know it's one of his powers as the President) to high-profile cases pero ang dami-daming matatanda na nasa kulungan hanggang ngayon for crimes like robbery or estafa lang. Again, where's the justice `di ba? Tapos `yung mga suspects sa pagpatay kay Ninoy, kahit hindi naman clear yung case against them, bakit hanggang ngayon hindi pa sila binibigyan ng clemency?

Nakakainis. Nakakapanginig ng laman.

BAM! said...

korek! wala naman silang pakielam e. mas gusto nga nila na umaalis ang mga pinoy papunta sa ibang bansa sa inis, para mas malaki pasok ng dollars dito.

kakaiba talaga.