Saturday, October 18, 2008

survivor philippines

Ok, so I'm addicted to Survivor Philippines. So addicted that I joined 2 sites about the show: the unofficial site and the official site.

Both sites are ok but I guess I like the unofficial site better because I can watch episodes that I've missed thru video streaming.

My personal final three would be the following castaways:

1) Vern - the cutie taekwando coach is the heart of the team. She's always gets the job done and she gets along very well with everybody. She is a true warrior and I hope she wins the whole thing.

2) Jace - the youngest castaway and by far the most matured in my opinion. It's obvious that he's in this game to win and just like Vern, he's very effective as a team member. Puts the tribe first. Even voted off his friend for the good of the tribe.

3) Cris - the guy cracks me up! He's also a team player. Doesn't care what people think of him, even though he acts like a jackass from time to time (he thought he could maneuver a boat the way he drives a car) . Naak's Chitae will surely be there when both tribes merge.

Castaways that I'd like to see voted off :

1) Marlon - He just can't stop yapping and his bark is worse than his bite, as seen in the last two challenges. Yes, he is useful to Jarakay because he can cook, but anybody born in a country where rice is the staple food CAN cook rice, and, when the Jarakay peeps realize that, this dude's out!

2) Nikki - What is she doing there? Why is she still there? When will she be voted off? How can Jarakay win with her in the tribe? She's lucky John was sick or she would've gone home on the last tribal council.

3) Kiko - I don't know. Nice guy? I just don't buy his personality. He's got this "holier than thou" thing. I think its crap. The game is Survivor and to win you have to outwit, outplay and outlast. If he can't hack it, if he thinks he has values that cannot be compromised to win the game, then I think he should play Gobingo instead.

Oh by the way, I'm so glad that Patani was voted out, but I'm bummed to see her active on tv (seriously? SERIOUSLY??!!). Well, I guess she deserves to be on TV for a while, since she worked so hard just to get her "exfosure". I just hope she doesn't get "overexfosed" or her 15 minutes of fame will end very quickly.

I don't believe that people in reality tv are doing what they naturally do in their everyday lives in front of the camera. Case in point: don't we all smile or make face or fix ourselves so we'd look good whenever someone's taking our picture? Same thing in reality tv. Everyone wants to look good because they're aware that they're being filmed.

That's just my theory.

But hey, I do enjoy watching it and I hope things get more interesting as the days go by.



Vayie said...

I don't like Patani too. And I'm surprised I see her on most of GMA shows. From Unang Hirit (wow, what a way to start a day `di ba?), Eat Bulaga and just a while ago, at Kay Susan Tayo. I don't know. It's not that I hate her, I just don't like her (is it the same?).

I heard she auditioned for Starstruck. I guess she really used Survivor to penetrate showbiz. But honestly, I don't think she'll stay for long. Samantalahin na niya while she's still hot. I mean, not hot as in like a hottie huh! Hehehe!

BAM! said...

hehe at least she got her big break. good for her di ba? :-)

Clare said...

hay naku si patani...natawa ako sa comment sa TV na sya ang pambansang yaya. hahaha!

naku walang reality show na purong reality talaga. di ba nga sa US MTV was called out on The Hills kasi scripted yung "reality show" nila?

BAM! said...

clare: pambansang yaya? really? haaay . . . these showbiz people . . . hehe