Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NBA na uli!

NBA is back in season! I'm so excited! I hope the Spurs make a good run this season. With Ginobili injured and cannot play during the first few months, the boys from San Antonio should step up. Even if the Spurs added some new and younger blood on the team, the core still remains the same and age is certainly a factor in this sport. The good thing is, the team's defense always, ALWAYS, works, even when their offense is on a slump. Their defense saved them from losses time and time again.

Other teams that I'm looking out for are:

Utah Jazz : Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer and Kyle Corver are the new Stockton, Malone and Hornacek. Not to mention Andre "AK-47" Kirilenko's shot blocking prowess and Okur's shooting touch that drives the defense (and often times, myself) crazy.

Phoenix Suns : Any team that has Shaq is a title contender. Nash is so amazing that and I enjoy watching him play.

Detroit Pistons: Good starters, solid bench. Sheeeeed! Sheeeeed! Sheeeeed!

New Orleans Hornets: Cris Paul. Need I say more?

Boston Celtics: Tittle defense run. Can they repeat? Lets wait and see.