Tuesday, October 28, 2008

yaya woes

Its hard to find good help these days. We've only had 2 yayas, and our present one's been with us for more than a year. The problem with our present yaya is that she has a lot of personal problems, mostly because of her family and these problems affect us also. She's been taking days-off during our working days and sometimes she comes home with her small kid and sometimes kids (yep, 2 of them). There was even a time when her sister had to stay with us for two weeks because she had undergo tooth extraction for two consecutive weeks and she asked her sister to help out because she had to rest. Sometimes we go home and find some members of her family at home and she never told us that they were coming. Almost every Monday morning we get nervous because she doesn't come home on time and there were times that she doesn't come home at all, with no text or phone call to inform us.

This happened yesterday. I've been calling and texting her and I never got a reply. Now we're so fed up that I'd probably fire her today. She said "they" were coming over this morning, and I'm assuming that she has her kids in tow, so I said not to bother as we were dropping Sophia at my in-laws and we should just talk tonight.

Now I'm not a matapobre kind of a person. I treat our yaya like family. Her family has been servicing our family for the longest time and she even was my yaya when I was still a toddler. Her mother was my lola's labandera for years, and she still goes there whenever there are odd jobs available at the house. The thing is, she takes this for granted and to me, not texting us that she can't come is an insult and a slap on the face. The only reason why we put up with her is because I want to see my baby when I go home and when I wake up in the morning. But now, I think I can live with Sophie staying at my in-laws during working days temporarily until we find a replacement, just so I won't have these weekly yaya headaches.

I think that we've been kind and understanding enough with her but it has come to a point that we're being stressed out because of her. Its hard to be considerate to someone who is inconsiderate to you. I'm tired and I think enough is enough.


GARET said...

sa totoo lang, ayoko din ng nagdadala ng kamag-anak sa bahay. mabait ako sa mga katulongs, yayas, pero syempre dapat alam nila ang limitations. may experience din kaming hindi na bumalik ang helper namin after nyang mag day-off. meron pang advance na sweldo yun... :( well, ganun talaga....

tonyo gurl said...

sir, c patani na lang kunin mu!

BAM! said...

garet : ganun nga talaga

tonyo : sawa ka na ba talaga sa buhay mo?

Clare said...

naalala ko yung blog post ni Daphne Osena about her yayas. pareho kayo ng story.

Anonymous said...

noon pa lang wala na talagang mapagkakatiwalaan, panu pa ngayon?

di na namin mabilang mga naging kasama namin sa bahay nung maliliit pa mga kapatid ko..

merong nagtatangay ng gamit, nagtatago ng pagkain sa kabinet, nag-advance ng P1,000 first day pa lang, tas lumayas na, ikinulong p mga kapatid ko, meron may balak mag palaglag (ng bata), at maraming iyakin! dhil miss n daw nila ang nanay nila!

at ngayong malalaki na kami, naghahanap pa rin... may kilala ka ba?

BAM! said...

Hi dylan,

lahat siguro tayo may mg horror stories about our help. isipin nalang natin na suwerte pa rin tayo na we can afford to hire them.

wala rin e, pag may alam ka rin sabihin mo sakin. thanks for visiting :-)