Thursday, August 7, 2008

precious sophie moments

Lately, I've been finding myself watching my daughter sleep. She's been sleeping on our bed for around 3 weeks already. She doesn't like sleeping in her crib anymore. She usually wakes up crying at around 3am and we'd transfer her to our bed so we decided to let her sleep with us.

Before going to sleep, I watch Sophie and I think about a lot of things: how big she's grown in a year and a half, how long her hair is now and she's starting to look like a girl (hehe), how just moments before she fell asleep, she was playing with me. Time does fly and I realized that every minute that I spend with my daughter is precious.

I get excited whenever I go home. No matter how tired I am, I always look forward to playing with my kid. She usually jumps and shouts: "daddy! daddy!" whenever I go home. Our usual conversation when I go home goes like this:

Me (from outside the window): "psssssssssttt . . . ."

Sophie (while jumping and doing her Sophie / Daddy dance): "Daddy! Daddy!"

Yaya opens the door and Sophie goes: "Mommy?"

Me: "Mommy's still in the office. La pa e."

Sophie: "Opis? 'Elo? 'Elo?" (her way of saying I should call Mommy)

Me: "Sige lets call Mommy."

So I call Jan on the cel:

Jan: "Hi Sophie!"

Sophie: "Mami! Mami!"

Jan: "Eat ka na?"

Sophie: "Nina . . .wap!"

Jan: "Uwi na Mommy in a while"

Sophie: "Mami! Babay!"

We do this almost every night.


Sophie's vocabulary is growing. She can say the following words (not in alphabetical order):

Otey - Okay
Abas - Labas
Wap - Sarap
Nina - Kanina
Han - Saan or sometimes Sama
Dun - Doon
Arni - Barney
Djay - DJ of Barney
Bop - Baby Bop of Barney
'Po - Upo
Am - Subo
Bow - Ball
Babush - Bubbles
Mama - as in mamang lalake
Mama - my mom
Doy - Joy (my sister in law)
Kingkin - Keene (her cousin)
Boy - Chung Boy (her cousin)
Mamam - Milk or sometimes Water
Tsirs - Cheers (yup, marunong sya mag cheers. future manginginom)
Ata - Bata
Tess - yung yaya ng kapitbahay
Ati - Ate
Aksi - Taxi
Ayis - Alis
Shus - Shoes
Danda - Ganda
Daypi - Diaper
Baba - go down
Pay - Play
Awos - Ayos
Ases, Ases - "ring around the rosies . . . ASHES, ASHES we all fall down" (hehe)
Wowa - Lola
Wowo - Lolo. She also refers to money as Wowo because her Lolo (Jan's Dad)would always gives her money
Opeh - Sophie

She can say more things but I don't understand them all. Jan serves as my interpreter.

Now Sophie's into writing doodles on pieces of paper. One time I heard her saying "Soooopeh" while doodling. I think she's trying to write her name hehe.

Man! My daughter's really growing up!


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