Friday, August 15, 2008

Short stabs

The other day I said to my wife: " I want to be like Bill Gates."

Jan: "Ha?"

Bam!: "I want to be like Bill Gates!"

Jan: "Ano?" Looking very surprised.

Bam!: " Gusto ko maging Bill Gates, yung taong may magandang idea na nabenta nya at ngayon mayaman na!"

Jan: " . . . ."

Bam!: "Ano ba meron sila na wala yung ibang tao? Lakas ng loob, di ba?"

Jan: "Merong ka bang lakas ng loob?"

Bam!: "Wala. Kaya ka nga nandyan e."

Jan: "Ano?"

Bam!: "Kaya ka nga nandyan e. Mas malakas loob bo sakin. Biruin mo, pinakasalan mo ko?!"

Jan: "Talaga!"



Isn't it funny how:

- people keep on complaining about high prices of fuel but the volume of vehicles during rush hour is still the same?

- we always see the commercial "ramdam ko ang pag-asenso" when we haven't actually felt "asensado" for the last few years?

- the people who complain about jeepneys and buses whenever the swerve to load and unload passengers are the same ones who'll get mad if they don't get off where they want to, even when they know that place where they want to get off is an unloading zone?


I'm sooo looking forward to the long weekend. We're having two long weekends because of public holidays on the 18th and 25th of this month. These long weekends will give worker ants like us the much needed rest.


I saw this girl Jaymee Joaquin on ABS-CBN's texting game show and I must say, she almost had me texting for the game. Sooo pretty!

I told Jan about it and she just laughed!


I'm not really excited about this payday because I pay all my bills during the 15th of the month. Well, at least I can still pay my bills . . .


Hoy gising! Magtrabaho ka na!



Vayie said...

Good thing Jan is sanay na with your crazy ideas. Ay, oo nga pala, may compliment ka naman sa kaniya eh...

BAM! said...

sanay na yun hehe