Wednesday, August 20, 2008


No, I'm not talking about the movie starring Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler, I'm talking about real life idiots who've been bothering ordinary people like myself. I do not claim to be a genius, though I'd like to think that I'm smarter than the average bear. I'm a very understanding person but I cannot stand people who think they're good, smart and brilliant while majority of people around them think otherwise. I really don't pay attention to these people but sometimes, dealing with them cannot be avoided.

Sometimes, when I'm stuck talking to airheads, I really don't listen to what they're saying. But there are moments when I get so affected that sometimes I imagine bashing their face in, but then again, I'm afraid that their "airheaditis" is contagious through skin contact. I wouldn't touch them with a ten feet poll!

Anyway, here are some of the things that I want to tell these airheads:

1) You can't make any kind of commercial without a script!
2) Yes my shoes are original! If you must know, I can't buy fake shoes because I'm a size 13 and the biggest size ever for fake shoes is size 12!
3) Yes, there's a difference between wrestling and mixed martial arts!
4) Big brands aren't easy to sell just because they're big. People behind these brands work hard to make them big so they can sell, so it not that simple!
5) Thanks for saying happy weekend, but its . . . TUESDAY!
6) Its not survival of the "fetus", its survival of the fittest!
7) There's such a thing called spell check and thesaurus in Microsoft Word!
8) You should be part of the Guinness World Records for making the same mistakes the most number of times, and still counting!
9) Yes I want to go to graduate school and no, I don't want to be your classmate!
10) Talk to the hand . . . or it might slap you!

The sad part about it is, they really don't know that people do not want to deal with them. As long as these airheads don't invade my airspace, I'm ok!



GARET said...

5) Thanks for saying happy weekend, but its . . . TUESDAY!
6) Its not survival of the "fetus", its survival of the fittest!

---HAHA! Panalo to! :)

jvincentsong said...

I wrote an article on tween Disney culture. One of the shows that caught my attention is a five minute show called As The Bell Rings. It has spun off to eight local versions including one in Singapore. I like the format and maybe there could be similar show in the Philippines except about Office breaks.

You can find a sample show at

Singapore version

Vayie said...

Oh my goodness. Survival of the Fetus? And the idiot even had the gall to be cocky?

Maraming ganyan. Masyadong matalino but when you look at them, they aren't going anywhere.

BAM! said...

Garet: Totoo lahat yan, pero iba ibang tao hehe

Vayie: Oo nga e, kakaiba talaga mga tao hehe

Jan: thanks! I'll check it out :D