Monday, August 25, 2008

what the hey . . .

I'm writing this while sitting on our bed with a bag of tempura crackers beside me and a glass of Coke Zero on the bedside table. Sophie is also here beside me, jumping around and begging for some crackers hehe.

Its been an uneventful long weekend except for saturday when we watched a movie at SM Megamall.

Jan and I (yes, just the two of us, HHWW hehe) got there late in the afternoon already because I decided early on that it was a good day to catch some zzzs because of the weather. I woke up around 4pm much to the dismay of Jan, so I went straight to the shower and got dressed in less than 30 mins. We arrived at around 6pm and went directly to the cinema. Jan wanted to watch ZOHAN starring Adam Sandler, while I didn't really have a preferrence. BATMAN was still showing but the movie has started already and the last main feature would end very late. I wanted to go home early so I can play with Sophie so that movie was out. To Jan's dismay, ZOHAN wasn't showing in any of the cinemas so we decided to buy tickets for WALL-E instead. Ticket Price: P110 (lower seats) x2 = P220.

After buying the tickets, we had about 40 mins before the movie starts, we went to the Smart Wireless Center to pay our phone bills and then we bought some blank cds from CDR King. I looked for a 1G thumbdrive since I lost mine recently and I was glad to see that the Kingston 1G only cost P200. I bought mine for P250 a few months back so the price was ok. I'll buy one next week if I still can't find my old one. The 2G costs around P400 and I'm tinking if I'll buy that instead.

We went around the mall for a while since we stil had a few minutes to spare. We bought bought 2 large burritos from Ole' P75 each( P150), 2 bottles of mineral water for P20 each (P40) and some nachos with cheese for P50.

Cost: Movie P220 + Food P240 = P480. Grabe, I remember a time when movies cost less than P20!

Anyway, it was a good thing that we decided to watch Wall-E. It was a good movie and I recommend it to everyone. Its from Pixar and I know most if not all of their 'toons are ok. The movie inspired me to walk more. If you want to know why, go watch the movie hehe.

After the movie, we went around for a while because the mall closes at ten and we still had less than an hour to go around. I needed to buy a new pair of black leather shoes so we went to Wade and found some good looking pairs from P999 - P1,300. I don't know why they sell them so cheap. I haven't tried buying from them yet. If you have any idea or feedback about their products, please tell me.

We went home after going to some more shops. We decided to ride a tricycle going home as there was a pila not far from the mall. I was also planning to buy season 7 of Scrubs and I usually buy pirated dvds near the pila hehe. We bought some dvds, including ZOHAN (that we have to return because it was skipping) which was still showing in some theaters! The dvds only costs P50/pc and its no wonder why people would prefer to buy these rather than buy watch the movie in cinemas.

So we went home on a Trike. Sophie was still awake and we still played and we also watched Kungfu Panda (one of the dvds that we bought) before going to bed.


Sunday was totally uneventfull. We spent the whole day indoors because of the weather. We didn't even go to church because it was raining and cold outside. We're actually going to church a bit later (in an hour's time) and maybe dine out.


Oh by the way, we just found out that we're pregnant. Sophie's gonna be an ATE soon!


*** Don't you just love how God works? I'd just like to thank him for this new blessing! ***


GARET said...

congrats! :) para tuloy gusto ko ng magka baby ulit. hehehe

BAM! said...

Thanks! Gawa lang ng gawa! hehe

jvincentsong said...


I finally came around to watching TV5's lipgloss. It is sooooo bad. They should replace their theme song from "it is so fab" to "it is so bad". The lines are really killer. I want to use some of the lines like "Mahirap maging mayaman".

Vayie said...

Congratulations! =] Talagang sa huli pa sinabi. What a way to end a blog entry.

BAM! said...

Jan - Thanks! I've seen it on youtube too. I read the blog reviews thru Garet's links. Pretentious!

Vayie - Thanks! Ayos ba ending? hehe :-)

Anonymous said...


BAM! said...

clare - thanks!