Sunday, August 31, 2008

eraserheads concert cut short

Jan got a text last night that Ely Buendia, the lead singer of the Eraserheads (for those of you living under a rock for the past 15 years), suffered a heart attack and that the concert was cut short. Here's the news report on GMA7:

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Saw this on youtube:

I hope he's ok.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

pakarazzi express no.1

So happy with our new baby. Our first check up will be next week!


I smell Adobo! Gutom na 'ko!


Jan and Sophie are both watching Barney. I'm blogging and surfing while watching The Mummy on HBO. "IMOTEHP . . .IMOTEHP . . ."


I'm thinking about creating another blog that will be all about stuff from TV (since I've been in tehe cable gig for 10 years already). Not so much on ths tsimis side but more on reviews about the latest show, channels or whatever's new on cable and free TV. You think I should?


I realized the other day that Katrina Hallili ca act! I saw her in GMA's new show OBRA with Eddie Garcia, Eugene Domingo, Polo Ravales and John Lapus.


I have to update my multily account.


I did some sound tripping this afternoon, listening to the following: Chicago, Reo Speed Wagon, Bryan Adams, U2, The Cure, REM and assorted slow, easy listening songs. Been a long time since I've done that.


Almost time to eat!


So thankful for all our blessings!


September na . . . kailangan nang habulin ang quota!


Is the Eraserheads concert tonight? I wonder what's happening.


I drank 2 giant mugs of Choquick today. I love the stuff!


Ok na ko . . . . parang . . . . medyo. Oks lang!


buhay buhay

I went to mass last Thursday at the chapel at Tektite (where I work) with my office friends during lunch time. I had a lot of things to pray and thank for and besides, I haven't been going to church on Sundays regularly because of the weather and other stuff, so I thought I should make up for this. For some reason, the priest's homily struck me. He said "beware" of the people around us and the things we do. We should always be ready. The word "beware" never left my mind.

True enough, an incident happened to me yesterday and the word "beware" of a certain person was exactly how I would put it. I was so pissed yesterday (I can't tell you why yet) that I was thinking of slapping that person silly. But after a while, I thought to myself that everything happens for a reason and what that person has done may lead to something good in the long run.
And besides, I know that God will never put me and my family in harms way.


I've read the book "SunTzu: The Art of War" so many times already. I like reading it from time to time because honestly, you can take a lot of things from the book and use it in everyday life. The book is about strategy. How to plan for something. Essentially how to win your battles. Since I've read the book, I've been aware and very sensitive and observant to how people "work". People may not have noticed it because I'm a very low key kind of person, but I often use this knowledge in getting things done in my work. But of course, I always see to it that everything is done in order and in some sensitive matters, in good taste.

What pisses me of are people who understand the principles of Sun Tzu, and use it to their own personal gain, to the point of stepping on a lot of people's toes. These people think that they can do whatever they want and say whatever they want and they are so arrogant to believe that they can control everything around them, including people. I don't know why people are like that. He even takes other people's credit!

I've had the misfortune of meeting and dealing with a person like that. I know that everything happens for a reason and everyone we know has a purpose in our lives. But I just want to get this off my chest:


Now I feel a bitter, este, better.

On a lighter note, I'm glad that I know people who are the exact opposite of the people that I've mentioned above. Smart people who have the consience to do the right and proper things. I'm very happy and I really feel blessed that I've met them. I don't see what's hard about being a good, true person. Do you?


Don't judge me, but I was extatic yesterday because I finished downloading "The Best Of Chicago" hehe. I am a self confessed rocker but I do appreciate different kinds of music too. I even listen to Gregorian Chants.

One time, my cousine Ivy, who was living with us at the time, went inside my room without knocking, while I was listening to Gregroian Chant. I liked listening to that kind of music with a lot of candles lighted. She was so surprised to see all the candles in my room lighted, the only thing she shouted was "TITAAA . . !!" calling my mom.

She must have thought I was in some sort of trip mode or something heheh!


No matter what's happening around us, life's so exciting, isn't it?

At least to me.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

just some random thoughts . . .

Something is cooking
I can smell it
I can see it
I can almost taste it
But I don't know if its mine . . .

Time will tell
God only knows

Everything happens for a reason
When you think about it
When you see
When you understand
You'll see God's hands in everything

I see . . .
I understand . . .
Its beautiful

Monday, August 25, 2008

what the hey . . .

I'm writing this while sitting on our bed with a bag of tempura crackers beside me and a glass of Coke Zero on the bedside table. Sophie is also here beside me, jumping around and begging for some crackers hehe.

Its been an uneventful long weekend except for saturday when we watched a movie at SM Megamall.

Jan and I (yes, just the two of us, HHWW hehe) got there late in the afternoon already because I decided early on that it was a good day to catch some zzzs because of the weather. I woke up around 4pm much to the dismay of Jan, so I went straight to the shower and got dressed in less than 30 mins. We arrived at around 6pm and went directly to the cinema. Jan wanted to watch ZOHAN starring Adam Sandler, while I didn't really have a preferrence. BATMAN was still showing but the movie has started already and the last main feature would end very late. I wanted to go home early so I can play with Sophie so that movie was out. To Jan's dismay, ZOHAN wasn't showing in any of the cinemas so we decided to buy tickets for WALL-E instead. Ticket Price: P110 (lower seats) x2 = P220.

After buying the tickets, we had about 40 mins before the movie starts, we went to the Smart Wireless Center to pay our phone bills and then we bought some blank cds from CDR King. I looked for a 1G thumbdrive since I lost mine recently and I was glad to see that the Kingston 1G only cost P200. I bought mine for P250 a few months back so the price was ok. I'll buy one next week if I still can't find my old one. The 2G costs around P400 and I'm tinking if I'll buy that instead.

We went around the mall for a while since we stil had a few minutes to spare. We bought bought 2 large burritos from Ole' P75 each( P150), 2 bottles of mineral water for P20 each (P40) and some nachos with cheese for P50.

Cost: Movie P220 + Food P240 = P480. Grabe, I remember a time when movies cost less than P20!

Anyway, it was a good thing that we decided to watch Wall-E. It was a good movie and I recommend it to everyone. Its from Pixar and I know most if not all of their 'toons are ok. The movie inspired me to walk more. If you want to know why, go watch the movie hehe.

After the movie, we went around for a while because the mall closes at ten and we still had less than an hour to go around. I needed to buy a new pair of black leather shoes so we went to Wade and found some good looking pairs from P999 - P1,300. I don't know why they sell them so cheap. I haven't tried buying from them yet. If you have any idea or feedback about their products, please tell me.

We went home after going to some more shops. We decided to ride a tricycle going home as there was a pila not far from the mall. I was also planning to buy season 7 of Scrubs and I usually buy pirated dvds near the pila hehe. We bought some dvds, including ZOHAN (that we have to return because it was skipping) which was still showing in some theaters! The dvds only costs P50/pc and its no wonder why people would prefer to buy these rather than buy watch the movie in cinemas.

So we went home on a Trike. Sophie was still awake and we still played and we also watched Kungfu Panda (one of the dvds that we bought) before going to bed.


Sunday was totally uneventfull. We spent the whole day indoors because of the weather. We didn't even go to church because it was raining and cold outside. We're actually going to church a bit later (in an hour's time) and maybe dine out.


Oh by the way, we just found out that we're pregnant. Sophie's gonna be an ATE soon!


*** Don't you just love how God works? I'd just like to thank him for this new blessing! ***

Friday, August 22, 2008

another long weekend

YEAH! 3 days off . . . again!

More time to spend with the family. We've got no plans so far, but I guess Jan and I will just watch a movie tomorrow and then rush home afterwards. THE MUMMY and YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN, WALL-E, BATMAN, STARWARS: CLONE WARS. . . ang dami! Eventually we'll just settle for one.

Movie tickets are so expensive now, it actually hurts my pocket every time we watch.

Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


No, I'm not talking about the movie starring Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler, I'm talking about real life idiots who've been bothering ordinary people like myself. I do not claim to be a genius, though I'd like to think that I'm smarter than the average bear. I'm a very understanding person but I cannot stand people who think they're good, smart and brilliant while majority of people around them think otherwise. I really don't pay attention to these people but sometimes, dealing with them cannot be avoided.

Sometimes, when I'm stuck talking to airheads, I really don't listen to what they're saying. But there are moments when I get so affected that sometimes I imagine bashing their face in, but then again, I'm afraid that their "airheaditis" is contagious through skin contact. I wouldn't touch them with a ten feet poll!

Anyway, here are some of the things that I want to tell these airheads:

1) You can't make any kind of commercial without a script!
2) Yes my shoes are original! If you must know, I can't buy fake shoes because I'm a size 13 and the biggest size ever for fake shoes is size 12!
3) Yes, there's a difference between wrestling and mixed martial arts!
4) Big brands aren't easy to sell just because they're big. People behind these brands work hard to make them big so they can sell, so it not that simple!
5) Thanks for saying happy weekend, but its . . . TUESDAY!
6) Its not survival of the "fetus", its survival of the fittest!
7) There's such a thing called spell check and thesaurus in Microsoft Word!
8) You should be part of the Guinness World Records for making the same mistakes the most number of times, and still counting!
9) Yes I want to go to graduate school and no, I don't want to be your classmate!
10) Talk to the hand . . . or it might slap you!

The sad part about it is, they really don't know that people do not want to deal with them. As long as these airheads don't invade my airspace, I'm ok!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Short stabs

The other day I said to my wife: " I want to be like Bill Gates."

Jan: "Ha?"

Bam!: "I want to be like Bill Gates!"

Jan: "Ano?" Looking very surprised.

Bam!: " Gusto ko maging Bill Gates, yung taong may magandang idea na nabenta nya at ngayon mayaman na!"

Jan: " . . . ."

Bam!: "Ano ba meron sila na wala yung ibang tao? Lakas ng loob, di ba?"

Jan: "Merong ka bang lakas ng loob?"

Bam!: "Wala. Kaya ka nga nandyan e."

Jan: "Ano?"

Bam!: "Kaya ka nga nandyan e. Mas malakas loob bo sakin. Biruin mo, pinakasalan mo ko?!"

Jan: "Talaga!"



Isn't it funny how:

- people keep on complaining about high prices of fuel but the volume of vehicles during rush hour is still the same?

- we always see the commercial "ramdam ko ang pag-asenso" when we haven't actually felt "asensado" for the last few years?

- the people who complain about jeepneys and buses whenever the swerve to load and unload passengers are the same ones who'll get mad if they don't get off where they want to, even when they know that place where they want to get off is an unloading zone?


I'm sooo looking forward to the long weekend. We're having two long weekends because of public holidays on the 18th and 25th of this month. These long weekends will give worker ants like us the much needed rest.


I saw this girl Jaymee Joaquin on ABS-CBN's texting game show and I must say, she almost had me texting for the game. Sooo pretty!

I told Jan about it and she just laughed!


I'm not really excited about this payday because I pay all my bills during the 15th of the month. Well, at least I can still pay my bills . . .


Hoy gising! Magtrabaho ka na!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8 - year old blues man

Just had to post this. Got it from Yahoo:


8-year-old guitar wiz has reason to play the blues

By CARRIE ANTLFINGER, Associated Press Writer Tue Aug 12, 10:51 AM ET

ELKHORN, Wis. - When Tallan "T-Man" Latz was 5, he saw Joe Satriani playing guitar on TV. "I turned around to my dad and said, 'That's exactly what I want to do.'"

Three years and countless hours of practicing later, 8-year-old Tallan is a blues guitar prodigy. He's played in bars and clubs, including the House of Blues in Chicago, and even jammed with Les Paul and Jackson Browne. He has a summer of festivals scheduled and has drawn interest from venues worldwide.

And what, you might ask, would a kid not even in the third grade have the blues about? The state of Wisconsin for one, and some possibly jealous older musicians for another.

An anonymous e-mail sent to state officials complained that Tallan was too young to perform in taverns and nightclubs because of state child labor laws. His booking agent even got an anonymous letter threatening her with death if she keeps booking him.

When Tallan's father read him the state's letter saying he couldn't play clubs anymore (he can still play festivals), the boy's response — like his music — seemed beyond his years.

"He goes, 'It's not how many times you get knocked down but it's how many times you get back up and go forward,' Carl Latz said his son told him. "And I told him that's exactly what this is all about and if nothing else this letter just taught you a life lesson."

The lesson can be stiff: Each day he performs, the employer can be fined $25 to $1,000 and the parent from $10 to $250.

Jennifer Ortiz of the state Equal Rights Division said her agency has a responsibility to enforce the law once it becomes aware of a violation.

"Well, the law prohibits it, and the Legislature enacted the laws to protect the health, safety and welfare of all children."

Latz, who also is Tallan's manager, has asked a legislator for help changing the law but it's unclear whether any action will be taken.

Latz received the letter a few days before Tallan was to perform at Lil Downtown Lounge in suburban Milwaukee, where club co-owner Michelle Boche said the boy always packed the place when he sat in with other musicians.

Latz claims that two weeks before getting the letter he overheard local blues guitarist Jammin' Jimmy, whose real name is James Kemeny, say Tallan shouldn't be in a bar and he was going to turn him in.

Kemeny, who's been playing for 44 years, denied badmouthing Tallan.

"It seems totally unbelievable that somebody would even go to that extreme to send a letter to somebody, let alone looking to find something about child labor laws," Kemeny said.

Boche said she has received backlash from musicians and area bar owners because she supports Tallan. Some have tried to take patrons away, she said. Some even called in fake incidents to police, causing them to look for guns or underage drinkers, she said.

"If my doors close and I never open again and this boy becomes successful, then I will be the happiest person in the world," she said.

Tallan's agent, Sharon Pomaville, said she received a threatening letter June 2 warning her to stop booking the boy. She thinks he's a local musician and believes he's harmless. Deputies came to her house, but she didn't want to pursue the case.

Greg Koch, 42, an internationally known guitarist and clinician for Fender Musical Instruments, called the backlash despicable.

He said most 8-year-olds don't have the strength or attention span to pursue guitar or can't endure the calluses.

"It's strange that a kid at this age would glean onto this particular kind of music and show the intensity and kind of the ability to function as kind of 8-year-old blues guy," he said.

Brad Tolinski, editor-in-chief of Guitar World magazine, said kid guitar prodigies are rare, with one emerging perhaps every four or five years.

"It would be unusual to find an 8-year-old who can play Joe Satriani licks," he said.

Carl Latz said there's no explanation for Tallan's blues connection other than he seems to have an old soul.

"I've had more people tell me, they say 'It's a kid's body but it has a 70-year-old dude inside,'" Carl Latz said.

Tallan, whose heroes are Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, has 13 guitars and endorsements from at least nine companies to use their equipment. He can read music but plays mostly from memory.

He has two bands — one with veterans called T-Man's Blues Project and another with 16-and-younger bandmates called Tallan "The T-Man" Latz and the Young Guns. He also sings and plays drums, harmonica, bass and piano.

Tallan said he likes to play guitar to "put smiles on people's faces" when they are having a bad day.

"It sounds awesome," he said. "I think it's so much you can do on the guitar."

He knows 30 to 40 songs and someday hopes to write his own. It was his idea to start playing in public.

"He drags me around," his dad said. "I don't drag him around."

Tallan said the problems he's faced have doing nothing to dampen his ambition to be a blues rock star when he grows up. Just the opposite, in fact.

"Because I got more inspiration, I got more sadness in me," Tallan said. "I'm just feelin' it."

Here's a video of T-Man that I found on Youtube:


Musical genius!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Downloaders Anonymous

I've been downloading mp3 files on the internet lately and I'm very glad that I've acquired a lot of my favorite songs and artists through P2P file sharing. I understand that file sharing has an impact in terms of economics for recording labels and artists, but what can people do? Prices of Cds have not gone down and listening to your favorite artist has become expensive, that ordinary people like me cannot afford to buy original Cds.

Now, I've been true to my word regarding original CDs, DVDs and VCDs. I told myself that I will buy originals as long as I can afford it. I've been buying original DVDs for quite a while now and I think I've around 30-40 originals already. I've also been buying original CD and VCDs for the longest time, but it seems I can no longer afford to buy the latter. The last CD that I bought was The Black Crowes: Southern Harmony and Musical Acompanion, an old CD but I still didn't have it so I bought it at P450. Ouch!

It also doesn't help that most of the artists that I listen too can't be found on the shelves anymore. So people like me would automatically look for music on the net.

In previous years, people "pirate" music by recording songs from the radio. I used to do it in high school. Now, I'm still doing it but using a more advanced technology. I even rip my own Cds to mp3 files so that I can listen to them in my phone and to preserve them on my hard drive. Cds may have a longer lifespan than a tape but it is still prone to regular wear and tear.

If people are willing to share their music collection, then let them. And quite frankly, What's the difference anyway? Its just like making a mixed tape, only a lot faster.

I would like to think that people will buy more original cds or mp3s from record companies if the price is very reasonable.

Anyway, now I can sit back and relax while listening to my favorite tunes.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cocert Blitz

I've seen two concerts this week: Simple Plan and New Found Glory (last Monday) and Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet (last night). Both concerts were held at Araneta Colossium.


I do not claim to be a fan of Simple Plan and New Found Glory. I only know a few of their songs. I know "Perfect" by Simple Plan and the remake of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" by New Found Glory. I thought that it would be interesting to see them play so I went with my brothers and cousin.

When I went in, NFG was playing already. People seemed to enjoy and there were lots of them standing up at below the stage, rockin and taking pictures of their rock idols. I actually liked their music and I found myself stomping my feet to the beat of their punk tunes. A lot of people (including by brothers) were jumping around. NFGs bassist, a huge man, was jumping around on stage without a shirt on. I think people enjoyed seeing a big topless white guy making an ass of himself on stage. They also invited a guy from the audience to play the guitar with them, much to the delight of the audience. I think I saw that guy wet his pants on stage.

After NFG, Simple Plan, the main act, performed. They were fun to watch too. I knew some of their songs but I didn't know that they were the ones who sang it. I sang along to "Perfect" which I also liked listening to. I even have an mp3 of the song. Kids watching the concert were screaming their lungs off. I didn't jump but I stomped my feet and head banged a little bit till I felt a bit of a headache.

I enjoyed their music also but I must say that I think I liked NFG better. I like punk music and I'd like to think that I'm a bit of a punk too.


I started listening to Spandau Ballet when I was in 5th grade. They were'nt really that big for me because at that time, I was more interested in playing with my toys that listening to music, but they were the ones I'd like to listen to once in awhile. My dad had their tape and I played it every so often. I listen to them again in college though I can't say that I was a big fan. I just liked their music.

I started appreciating them when I started working. I started listening to them again and surprisingly, memorized some of their songs. I particularly liked "Highly Strung" and "Lifeline" and who can forget "Through the Barricades".

Yesterday, a friend called me and said that he had extra tickets for the Tony Hadley concert. Tony Hadley was the vocalist of Spandau and he had came here with the band's original drummer. So we took the tickets and even gave one extra to my officemate who's a huge 80's fan.

The front acts for the cocert was the band in PCSO (ikaw ang kandungan nga mga may kailangan . . . or something like that) commercial and the Sabado Boys (Jimmy Bondoc, Top Suzara, Paolo Santos, etc). The crowd discovered that Bondoc was a real funny guy and could give the Pork Chop Duo a run for their money. The show started around 30 mins after the front acts. I even shouted "DURAN DURAN!" while people were clapping their hands signaling for the show to start. To my surprise, people started laughing when I shouted. Jan said "sige, mag-pabibo ka . . ." half disgusted and embarrased with my corny antics.

Anyway the show started withe Hadley singing Spandau songs. The people loved it. I loved it. I was surpised to hear Jan shouting "whhoooo!" when she heard the intro of "True". They also played U2's "With or Without You" and Elvis' "Suspicious Minds". Then Hadley said he loved Duran Duran and started performing one of their songs (I forgot the title but its a song about a chick named Rio). My office made said "Narinig ka yata", but that was very doubtful. Someone also proposed to his fiance' during the concert in front of everyone to which Hadley said "Good job, mate! Well done!"

I enjoyed listening to Hadley. His voice sounded the same though he looked like he gained a lot of weight over the years. Over all, Jan and I enjoyed the show and I think all of the people there enjoyed too. I sang to most of the songs, even though I've forgotten most of the lyrics. My officemate exhausted his cel battery because he was taking videos of the whole concert using is camera phone. I tried taking some pics but because we were a bit far (lower box) I did't get good ones.

More concerts please! More FREE concerts, I mean, hehe!


I bumped into my friend Aris the other day with his wife in Makati. The last time I saw him was at the Ad Congress in Subic last November, and the last time before that was around 8 years ago. He said that he was a reader of my blog and I'd like to thank him for having the time to read my posts.

Thanks man and good to see 'ya!

And to my regular readers, thanks for reading too!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

precious sophie moments

Lately, I've been finding myself watching my daughter sleep. She's been sleeping on our bed for around 3 weeks already. She doesn't like sleeping in her crib anymore. She usually wakes up crying at around 3am and we'd transfer her to our bed so we decided to let her sleep with us.

Before going to sleep, I watch Sophie and I think about a lot of things: how big she's grown in a year and a half, how long her hair is now and she's starting to look like a girl (hehe), how just moments before she fell asleep, she was playing with me. Time does fly and I realized that every minute that I spend with my daughter is precious.

I get excited whenever I go home. No matter how tired I am, I always look forward to playing with my kid. She usually jumps and shouts: "daddy! daddy!" whenever I go home. Our usual conversation when I go home goes like this:

Me (from outside the window): "psssssssssttt . . . ."

Sophie (while jumping and doing her Sophie / Daddy dance): "Daddy! Daddy!"

Yaya opens the door and Sophie goes: "Mommy?"

Me: "Mommy's still in the office. La pa e."

Sophie: "Opis? 'Elo? 'Elo?" (her way of saying I should call Mommy)

Me: "Sige lets call Mommy."

So I call Jan on the cel:

Jan: "Hi Sophie!"

Sophie: "Mami! Mami!"

Jan: "Eat ka na?"

Sophie: "Nina . . .wap!"

Jan: "Uwi na Mommy in a while"

Sophie: "Mami! Babay!"

We do this almost every night.


Sophie's vocabulary is growing. She can say the following words (not in alphabetical order):

Otey - Okay
Abas - Labas
Wap - Sarap
Nina - Kanina
Han - Saan or sometimes Sama
Dun - Doon
Arni - Barney
Djay - DJ of Barney
Bop - Baby Bop of Barney
'Po - Upo
Am - Subo
Bow - Ball
Babush - Bubbles
Mama - as in mamang lalake
Mama - my mom
Doy - Joy (my sister in law)
Kingkin - Keene (her cousin)
Boy - Chung Boy (her cousin)
Mamam - Milk or sometimes Water
Tsirs - Cheers (yup, marunong sya mag cheers. future manginginom)
Ata - Bata
Tess - yung yaya ng kapitbahay
Ati - Ate
Aksi - Taxi
Ayis - Alis
Shus - Shoes
Danda - Ganda
Daypi - Diaper
Baba - go down
Pay - Play
Awos - Ayos
Ases, Ases - "ring around the rosies . . . ASHES, ASHES we all fall down" (hehe)
Wowa - Lola
Wowo - Lolo. She also refers to money as Wowo because her Lolo (Jan's Dad)would always gives her money
Opeh - Sophie

She can say more things but I don't understand them all. Jan serves as my interpreter.

Now Sophie's into writing doodles on pieces of paper. One time I heard her saying "Soooopeh" while doodling. I think she's trying to write her name hehe.

Man! My daughter's really growing up!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

don't think. have fun.

I've always been interested in watching serious tv shows, movies, music and even books. I enjoy thinking. It exercises my my mind. Its like going to a gym to do some bench presses specifically to build your brain muscles. But sometimes, I enjoy watching, hearing, and reading things that have no intellectual value and just laugh. Simple lang pero enjoy!

Mababaw na kung mababaw, pero there are times when you don't want to think and you just want feel light and happy.

Here are some people / tv shows that make me laugh wherever and whenever:

1) Ramon Bautista - I was late when I discovered his brand of comedy. Apparently, a lot of people enjoy his mindless antics. I do too.

2) Tenacious D - Funny Funny Funy! I like their brand of rock and roll and I loved the movie too! Jack Black and Kyle Gass are quite a tandem. I wish I was that funny!

3) Maverick and Ariel - Local funny men who are very spontaneous. The only people I know who can relate to everyone from the street vendor to the Congressmen and Senators. Talented idiots!

4) Tado - "Mabuti na ang magnakaw, huwag lang mamakla" says it all!

5) Parokya Ni Edgar - Rock gods with the right attitude! Their MTVs are hilarious!

6) American Dad - This is a laugh trip!

7) Family Guy - Another laugh trip from the same producers of American dad.

8) Tito, Vic and Joey - Who doesn't laugh whenever they do their thing on TV? Baka si Willy Revillame lang hehe

9) Rob Schnieder - I love bibinka as much as this guy! A proud fil-am who made it in Hollywood by being one of the best comedians of his generation.

10) Dolphy - Nuff Said!

Genius at being stupidly funny!

Now if only the brainless people I know are as funny as the ones I've mentioned above, then the world would be a perfect place hehe!