Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I think you guys may have heard about the Israeli - Palestinian war currently happening in the Gaza Strip. Hamas, a group that wants nothing but the destruction of Israel, started the conflict by virtue of their rocket launches targeting Israeli occupied territories in the strip. Now I see in the news that people are condemning Israel's attack on Hamas because of the collateral damages being inflicted on the Palestinians, with death and wounded tolls rising everyday.

My take on this?

Its Israels right to defend themselves. I think its just right and fair for them to defend their people. Hamas is a terrorist organization that uses terror tactics, including suicide tactics and they must be stopped. Its sad that civilian casualties are piling up, and I really feel for those people, especially for the women and children, but Hamas should have thought of them before picking a fight with the Israelis.

I'm throwing racial issues out of the window. I don't care if these people have been going at it since biblical times. Its just not right for one country to attack another country for idiotic reasons .

If I were on Israelis shoes I'd do the same. Hell, if I had a neighbor giving me crap everyday, I'd give 'em crap and then some!


Another issue now in the news is the release of the "Alabang Boys", 3 young men caught in a drug-bust operation because of bribery. They were released because the prosecution dismissed the case because lack of evidence. There has been talk of bribery in the DOJ which resulted to the release of the "boys". People involved in the case are, or course, denying, although I seem to have heard the people fro PDEA saying that there was bribery and I saw their animated-telenovela-style-congressional inquiry on TV.

All I can say is . . . .

Of course there's bribery! Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that JUSTICE can be bought in this country. Its just sad to see that the image of our police and military people, especially the ones who truly serve our country well, overshadowed and tarnished by incidents like this one.


Its the year of the OX and I hope we get less BULLSHIT and more good things.

Man, I should really stop watching the news on TV . . .



GARET said...

Korek! Bakit all of a sudden sa Israel ang sisi lahat. To think, ang tagal na nilang nagtiis sa mga ginagawa ng terrorist group na yun. I amo not saying na 'tama' ang nagyayri ngayon, pero I agree kung ako man ang nasa lugar ng Israel dapat lang nilang ipagtanggol ang sarili nila.

MarcoPaolo said...

Lets all pray for the PEACE....