Saturday, January 24, 2009

a bit tired . . .

One of the most tiring thing for me these days is bringing Sophie to my in laws and picking her up during the weekend. Don't get me wrong, I always look forward to picking her up, but sometimes I get little tired after work and fetching her from Pasay to Quezon City (Tandang Sora at that!) can sometimes leave me a bit winded.

Oh how I wish we could get a new yaya as soon as possible, so I can come home everyday with and see my baby.


I'm getting used to commuting to and from work everyday from where we live now. Luckily, I can sometimes hitch a ride with office friends who live near our place on after work. The first few days was quite different from the routine that I'm used to. You see, I'm used to taking a cab to and from work because our apartment at the time was near my office building. Now I have to take the MRT because I lived a bit far that if I took a cab to and from work everyday, I'd spend almost P500 just for taxi fare alone.

The first few days were fine. I ride the MRT at the GMA station since Jan takes a cab to work. The train wasn't too crowded. I got off at Shaw station, walk through the Shang Mall and take a cab to work (just P35!). No sweat! But after a week, things changed. The train, suddenly, was always jam packed! I've missed a few train rides either because the train was too packed with people, or because the inconsiderate people inside wouldn't move or make way so that more passengers can come in. I swear, there were times that I have to shove my way through, especially when I see people who wouldn't give way, even when there's a considerable amount of space for more passengers.

I also noticed that people who are waiting at the station immediately try to go in the train as soon as the door opens, not waiting for people inside who are getting off to exit. Whenever this happens on my stop, I shove these people away. If they look at me at a bad way, I'd stare right back at them. Shoving may be rude but they deserve it. I mean, why can't they wait for people to get off so it will be easier for them to get in?

I don't get tired because of the commute, I get tired because of the people I commute with.

Man, I'm one hot headed commuter!


Jan and I are now thinking of buying our own car, hopefully before the year ends and hopefully, after we have paid off most of our financial commitments, particularly the house that we bought. We really couldn't afford to buy a car right now, but God willing, if everything goes well this year, we may be able to afford it by the last quarter this year.

We really need it because of our new baby on the way and its really difficult to get around, not to mention expensive whenever we take a cab.

Maybe I should cut down on smoking and coffee so I can save a little . . .

Oh . . . I need to learn how to drive before we buy a car! hehehe


Things are just getting a bit crazy for me at work. I bet that it'll be a lot crazier in the next few weeks. Good thing I'm a bit crazy too!


Enjoy the weekend everyone!



M A Y A said...

magkaka-baby pala kayo uli?? congrats Bam! :)

dapat kami din may new baby, kaso i had a miscarriage nung Dec.... sigh...

Vayie said...

If you're spending that much to commute everyday, maybe talagang kailangan mo na ngang bumili ng car. Just make sure na hindi magsasabay-sabay sa iba niyo pang binabayaran.

BAM! said...



Yes, I read in your blog. I'm sure your baby is in a better place.


Yup, that's the idea :-)