Wednesday, November 5, 2008

wala lang nanaman

I've been in a non-blogging mood for the last few days. Nothing worth writing about and most of my web activities centered on my new FACEBOOK account. For those of you who have one, please add me :-)

I think that FB is better than Friendster because its more interactive and the interface is more user-friendly. I even linked this blog site to my account so friends can read my blog even without visiting my blog. Jan actually was the first one to sign up. When she told me that I'm "so jologs because you don't have facebook" I signed up right then and there hehehe! Now I tell her "you're so jologs because I have more friends than you!" hehehe


I can't believe that the San Antonio Spurs has lost three games in a row, making them 0-3 at the start of the season. Losing Manu Ginobili to injury really hurt them. I hope the team steps up and win their next game. I also can't believe that the Detroit Pistons traded Chauncy Billups, Antonio McDyess and Samb to Denver for Allen Iverson. I think Detroit lost more than what they got and Denver gained more, specifically on the defensive end. The good thing is, there's talk that McDyess might have a contract buy-out, which makes him eligible to join another team after 30 days for a minimum veteran's salary. I hope the Spurs get him, just like what they did when Michael Finley's contract was bought out (which worked for them) and when Damon Staudamire was in the same situation, which really didn't work out but what the hey, it was worth to try.

With the western conference getting bigger and stronger, McDyess can add additional and much needed muscle to the Spurs.


Obama won the US presidential election today by a landslide. Their first African-American president. What impact will this have in our country? I don't know, but I hope something positive comes out of it in a global scale. The guy looks ok and I heard his very moving victory speech. I wonder when our politicians will reach that level. Its my personal choice not to vote for the last few elections because I feel that we need new people and not the same old politicians as our leaders.

McCain congratulated Obama when he conceded and urged the people who voted him to do their part for the benefit of their country. In our country, losers will almost always demand for a recount. They're so sure that they were cheated. You know what they say: " Ang magnanankaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw" hehe.

Change is drastically needed in our country right now and I hope that in the next election, I can vote for someone who I think is qualified.


Its time to put up our Christmas tree once again and I'm very excited to see Sophie enjoying the blinking lights and other ornaments on the tree. I'll post some pics once we're done putting up our tree.


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