Friday, November 14, 2008

weekend nanaman!

Its Friday again and, by golly, time really does fly. We have nothing planned this weekend so maybe we'll just spend time watching dvds. I bought Sophie Dora and Sesame st. DVDs from a sale here in the office (its our company anniversary and we usually have sales on cds, dvds and vcds to celebrate the event, salary deducted of course), just so I can be spared of the Barney videos that Sophie's been watching for the longest time. Sophie has lots of Barney dvds and she's been watching them religiously that I can sing most of the songs! I was disappointed though since there were few dvds on sale so I just bought vcds for my self. While dvds is superior in terms of picture and audio qualities, I have no problem buying vcds. Besides, they're relatively cheaper (2 for P140) and are salary deducted, so oks lang!

What I noticed about vcds is, cartoon titles have more noticeable pixels compared to the movies. Maybe its because of the colors of the cartoons, but I really don't know why. Anyway, I bought 19 vcd titles, which will last me through the holidays! Patay nanaman ako kay Jan nito! Hehe

I don't think we can go out on Saturday as Sophie just came from a fever. We didn't get to go to work yesterday because Sophie kept us awake with her crying the whole night. Thank God she's feeling better now. It really does break my heart to see her like that.

Anyway, its a pay-day weekend and I really hate going to malls during this type of week. I'd rather stay at home and rest. I'll be going out of town for a business trip on Monday and I'd rather spend time with my family. I also bought NBA 2K9 today so I'd probably be trying it out this weekend.

*** To my brother Patrick who reads my blog all the time: Humanda ka! May 2K9 na ko! YOUR ASS IS GRASS!!! Hehehe ***

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


My site's been having lots of visitors lately and I just want to thank you all for visiting. MARAMING SALAMAT and I hope you enjoy your visit. :-)


JoShMaRie said...

hello bam. salamat sa pagpunta sa blog ko :)

ang bilis nga ng sobrang bilis parang hindi ako makasabay. haha.

BAM! said...

hehe oo nga. tignan mo, maya maya summer nanaman hehe :)

Clare said...

naku, ako rin mahilig sa vcds...isang big vice ko ang movies talaga...and concert videos!