Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ohh Yeahh!!

OHHH YEAAHHHH!!! Manu Ginobili is back in action as the Spurs beat the Memphis Grizllies 94 - 81. Things are looking so good for San Antonio especially since Tony Parker is expected to be back in two weeks. Can you say PLAYOFF?


OHHH YEAAHHHH!!! Marlon finally got voted out of Survivor Philippines last night! Its about bloody time!


OHHH YEAAHHHH!!! No work on Monday! Maybe this is one thing that I like about our present government. They keep on moving the holidays so that people can have long weekends!


OHHH YEAAHHHH!!! I'm watching the Jokjok Bolante senate inquiry. Nothing beats the drama of senate inquiries. Better than GMA 7 or ABS-CBN 2 tele-novelas!


OHHH YEAAHHHH!!! We found a new apartment last weekend. We're planning to move-in in two or three weeks time. Thank God!




Clare said...

congrats on finding a new apartment....ako rin i'm looking forward to the holiday.

hay salamat talaga natanggal na si marlon!

BAM! said...


haha! the whole country is rejoicing because he was voted out :-)