Sunday, November 30, 2008

house hunting

It's so hard to look for a new home. We've actually seen one but we're trying to find an apartment within the area where we live now for two reasons: 1) Jan's pregnant and our hospital of choice is near where we live now as compared to the 1st apartment that we've seen, the one near where we bought our property and 2) We want to be near our families, for emergency reasons, since we've been having yaya woes lately.

We went to look at some apartments last night and we didn't see a place that we liked. This morning, I hired a tricycle to so that we can get around and cover more ground more quickly.We found some good apartments that were too expensive or big for us, and we found cheap apartments that were either too small or too is located in a neighborhood that we didn't like. Not that we're choosy, its just that I want to be comfortable in the next place we live in and since we're paying the rent with our hard earned money, I'd rather live in a place that I like.

We're giving ourselves until next week to find a place near where we are now. Anyway, we have a fall-back apartment that we can transfer to if things don't pan out here.

We're packing stuff already, starting with the things that we don't use on a daily basis: books, old clothes, kitchenware, toys, dvds, etc. It may seem simple enough, but it really isn't. You'll never know how much stuff you have until you pack them all up. I didn't realize that we've acquired a lot of things over a span of three years!

Note to self: Ask the real estate company if they could add a storage area / room to the new house.



Vayie said...

Well, goodluck. I hope you won't have a hard time and you don't have any further hassles while looking for a new home.

Clare said...

from someone who had to do what you're doing right now, i sympathize with you. di talaga madaling maglipat at maghanap ng tamang lilipatan. have faith, you'll find the right place eventually. my family and i didn't think we'd find the right place din but eventually did at the last minute and it really worked for us.

pero grabe, mahirap talagang magkahon ng magkahon ng gamit!

Anonymous said...

pareho tayong naghahouse hunting. hehe