Wednesday, September 24, 2008


How come its ok when the word "vagina" and "penis" are said on a foreign (US) show on tv but our local shows can't have the words "puke" and "titi"? Just something I asked myself when watched a US talk show last night. If one of our local shows mention both words, MTRCB will be on their ass faster than Joey De Leon could say "itaktak mo!".

Of course, there's the acceptable word "ari", kaya lang, parang ang haba gamitin: "ari ng lalake, ari ng babae" and the shorter version is so much easier to say. We don't even use the word "ari" in our everyday vocabulary.

I mean, is this a double standard? Are we more open to English words and find the terms more acceptable? Hell, there's even a play called Vagina Monologues? Pano kaya tagalugin 'to?

Just thinking out loud.



Vayie said...

Maybe it's because Tagalog words aren't that socially inapporpriate. Unlike when we mention say, "penis" or "vagina" - that's the word they use talaga. Parang even if they say that in a social function like in a science show or when they go and consult a doctor, yun na yung word nila. Yung sa atin kasi (which I refuse to mention here pa rin, I'm sorry), hindi ko alam kung macla-classify na colloquial. The words you mentioned, hindi talaga `yun ang word natin na ginagamit ng lahat ng tao dito sa Pilipinas, sa dami ng dialect. Kaya siguro parang mas bastos yung sa atin compared to when we say "vagina" or "penis".

BAM! said...

hehehe . . . na imagine ko na imbes na "T*** mo!" ang sasabihin "ari mo!" walang dating hehe