Monday, September 22, 2008


Last Saturday, we went to Trinoma after going to the property that we purchased. I left Jan in Landmark because she wanted to shop for maternity clothes (she gave away her old ones because she didn't expect to be pregnant for quite some time). I went around and got really tired of walking. I didn't buy a anything except for Pugad Baboy 17 from Powerbooks for P120. Not for anything, I really wanted to buy something for myself, I was even looking for the Haviannas store, but I decided later on that I rarely wear flip-flops a.k.a tsinelas anyway because I don't want my feet to get wet if ever I get caught out in the rain. And besides, I still can't justify to myself buying a P700 pair of tsinelas, regardless of how comfy it may be.

Anyway, after shopping, Jan and I went to Krispy Kreme to grab a bite and rest our feet. I was so tired. We were there around 3pm and we went to the donut store at around 8pm. Pati likod ko masakit na! As we finished our late merienda, Jan went to the comfort room while I waited for her at the table. Then, out of nowhere, a girl, around 19-21, sat down beside me holding an envelope. I pretended not to notice and started to text so that she won't talk to me but when I suddenly looked at her direction, she was looking at me. My initial reaction (to myself) when she sat down was: "Pano naman nakapasok 'to?" and "Asan ba yung guard dito?". She then said " Sir, share your blessings" while placing the envelope on the table with a smile on her face.

Those words hit me. I'm still thinking about those words now. So, I put money on the envelope (not that big) and then I just said "Ok. . .". She then said "Sir, Ok lang ba?" and then I replied "Yah, ok lang". Then she left after saying "thank you po". I think she saw the reaction on my face when she sat down, that's why she asked if it was ok.

"Share your blessings". It took that incident to remind me that yes, I am blessed. I'm not filthy rich. God knows that Jan and I are earning just enough, what with all commitments that we have financially, not to mention raising a kid and anticipating another one next year. I mean here I am, most of the time praying for something better for me and my family, while I should be very very thankful that I am, we are, where we are now. No we can't afford to buy a car right now, nor can I afford to have vacation trips or even watch a movie every week unlike a few years ago, but I am still blessed:

Blessed with my family (Jan, Sophie, our new baby, my parents, brothers, my father and mother in law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins, lolas, etc) including our yaya, who takes care of Sophia everyday.

Blessed with a happy marriage.

Blessed with friends who I can truly trust.

Blessed with a home, electricity, food, clothes, a job and even some money to take a cab to and from work everyday.

Blessed for even having some extra cash to even think about buying Haviannas, DVDs, some clothes, stuff for Sophie and Jan and other things.

To think that some people have to beg just to eat their first meal of the day.

I think there's nothing wrong in praying for better opportunities that will help your family. But it doesn't hurt to stop and look at what you have right now and be very thankful. Looking back, with all the things that has happened to me, I know that I was and still am very blessed.



EyMi said...

there's always something mysterious & amazing when u share your blessings, urself and ur time. no matter how big or small, kinda feels good afterwards. =)

Anonymous said...

share you blessings sounds a whole lot better than "pahingi ng pagkain."

i encountered a grown man asking for money that way sa mall. wala nang hiya hiya, outright lapit and hingi agad. e mukha pang malakas sa kabayo nanghihingi lang.

hmmm, i guess the idea "it's all in the delivery" does make a lot of sense.

BAM! said...

eymi - yup! so true :-)

clare - hehe mas nakakainis nga naman yung malaki yung katawan tapos nanglilimos.

Pero yung sinabi nung girl really hit me. Hanggang ngayon :)