Monday, September 1, 2008

de ja vu

A few years ago, we found ourselves having monthly check-ups for Jan's pregnancy. Hours ago, we had our first check-up again, which made me feel like having de ja vu. Having the same doctor was very comforting. I actually wanted to have the same OB because I trust our doctor already and she sort of became our family OB because my aunt and lola are also seeing her.

Anyway, it was excitement all over again, like our first check-up 2 years ago. Jan was prescribed her first set of vitamins, and I got the usual remark that I get, but this time from our doctor: " Ang tulis mo!".

We went to the hospital because Jan felt some stomach pains. She also felt the same pains during her first pregnancy, but I didn't want to take the risk so we went to see our doctor. I'm glad we did 'cause now at least our minds are at ease about the stomach pain thing. We'll be back next month.


After going to the doctor, we went to Makati Cinema Square because I was itching to buy some pirated dvds. I bought season 1 of "How I Met Your Mother" a story about how . . .well . . . the lead character met his wife (duh!).

I saw the first 3 episodes already and it was hilarious! I can say that I can relate because, I think I went through some of the stuff he did like: love at first sight, doing stupid things just to have time to talk to a girl and being let down . . . gently. Even his group of friends brought in some memories.

Jan was laughing at me when she saw that I was affected and could actually relate to the show. I only bought the first season. I'll surely buy season 2 and 3.


I was thinking the other day that, everytime that something MAJOR happens in our life and when I say MAJOR, I mean events that will have a huge financial impact, something that we do not expect happens:

- When we decided to get married, and had to raise more than P200k for the expenses in 10 months, I was accepted to a new job with better pay.

- When we had Sophie, Jan got a promotion

- When we acquired property, we mapped out our finances and managed to pay (at least for the first year) for it

- When our first yaya left us, we found a new one, who was also my yaya when I was baby (not much financial impact but its so hard not having a yaya)

I told Jan about this and she said "oo nga 'no . . . ". We're a bit worried because our finances are tied up because of the property so having a new baby will sting our pockets. But looking back at the major events that I have mentioned, I KNOW that everything will be ok.

Preparing and planning for things good. Having faith is not a bad thing either. God helps those who help themselves. I believe that if you've done everything humanly possible to achieve your goals, then its all up to God if he'll give it to you or not. I don't want to sound too preachy, but that's the way I see things.

During the homily of the mass yesterday, the priest said that most people pray to God whenever they're in need and then forget about Him after they get what they want. I must confess that I, like a lot of people am like that. I try not to be but I am.

I should work harder on it.


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