Thursday, September 4, 2008


Maybe I should just stop smoking. Been coughing awfully hard today so I decided just to take a rest and called in sick. I'm actually scared whenever I experience this kind of cough because years ago, I was diagnosed with Bronchitis (which the doctor pronounced as "Bronkeetis" hehe). Been thinking about stopping for a few weeks now.

I started smoking in highschool and haven't stopped eversince, except when I'm sick. I've heard about horror stories about people who get cancer or some other disease because of these little sticks of pleasure.

I'm quite aware of the consequences.

Ohh craaaap!

Maybe I should just quit it! I'll sleep on it.



GARET said...

you should quit! :) payong kaibigan. mahirap magkasakit, lalo na maging 2 na ang babies mo!
take care. hope you feel better soon! :)

BAM! said...

oo nga e. I know. Thanks! I feel better pero sakit pa rin throat ko :-)