Wednesday, September 10, 2008

old, old music

I've been reading about blogs and other articles about the Eraserheads lately. Funny thing is most of the writers are college students and fresh grads who weren't even born or couldn't walk yet when the band started playing together. I found it weird because to me, it really doesn't feel that long ago!

Then it hit me: maybe what these kids are feeling is the same with what I felt when I became a fan of Juan De La Cruz back in the 90's when the band no longer existed.

Ganun na nga siguro.

Anyway, since everyone's remeniscing about the good ol' 90's, I decided to share some of the songs that I frequently listened to while getting wasted with Red Horse beer while having tuna and Skyflakes as pulutan.

Click title to download.




Vayie said...

What do you mean they weren't born yet? That would make them Highschool students by now. Marami naman nakaabot sa Eraserheads. They were still playing together till sometime in 2000.

BAM! said...

hehe I think I read some blogs from highschool students as well :D