Monday, April 28, 2008

The history of the pakarazzi blog

I've always been intrigued about blogging. It takes a very brave person to write something that the whole world would potentially read. I always wanted to write, eversince I was young, I've always kept a journal or some notebook to write whatever is on my mind. Of course, those jounals / noteboks are kept where someone can't find them. I've forgotten about writing for a while but the journals are still with me. They look old and dity now and no one would every think that something private was written in it.

Over the years, technology has taken over everyone's lives and the internet, through blogging, has become a medium for people who want to share their thoughts to anyone who would listen. People will find that a lot of people share their views and have the same experiences. Suddenly, people discovered that they are not alone.

I became aware of blogging a few years back and I've read quite a few. I wouldn't call it regular reading but I do encounter some from time to time. A few weeks ago, I read this blog that I saw on while browsing my friendster account. Its a blog written by a batch mate from elementary. I was so amused and entertained that I started reading on a regular basis. Vayie and I were never classmates but I remember her because my section was next to mine during grade 6. I told my wife (who's also a batch mate during elementary) about Vayie's blog and she said that she knows her and they were part of the same theater group.

2 weeks ago, when I was stuck in bed because of my dental operation (impacted or impacto wisdom tooth . . . freaking hurts!) I saw that Vayie was on-line. I decided to say hi and introduce myself. She was surprised to know that a fellow batch mate was reading her blog (aside from her cousin Margarita a.k.a.Garet who was a classmate of mine in grade 5, I think, and has a nice blog site by the way). I told her that I've been thinking about creating my own blog site. You see, the reason why I liked her blog is because I felt that what she wrote was real, no pretensions and with the intention of just writing whatever she feels. She said that sometimes she has misgivings about what she writes that's why its a bit tame. But I told her that its ok and I think she's a good writer. Finally she encouraged me to create my own blog and so here we are (thanks Vayie!).

So I decided to write whatever I felt like writing, and I hope YOU would like it. If not, its ok, we're all entitled to our own opinions. But I do sincerely hope that YOU keep on reading!


This morning, being the marketing person that I am (ehem, ehem), I promoted my blog to my friends via SMS and Friendster (pakapalan na ng mukha 'to hehe) I mean what's the point of creating a blog if no one's reading it, right?

To my who visited my blog today, I would like to say thank you and I hope you enjoyed it. I'll try my best to churn out new stuff as often as I can. To those who will visit my blog in the next days, months and years to come, I would like to thank you also. The more readers, the manyier! hehe

The Pakarazzi in action . . . nakatayo lang habang kinakalabit ang bass guitar


GARET said...

it's been so entertaining reading your blog.. hehehe
keep on writing...
BTW, thanks for mentioning my real name.. naman.... hehehe

BAM! said...

Thanks for reading Margarita este Garet hehe! Bakit, gandan naman pangalan mo a! I like the name Margarita . . . parang EspaƱol na sosyal :D

[vayie] said...

Special mention ako. Ang haba ng hair ko. :P