Friday, April 25, 2008

2008 Cable Show Exprerience

I've been at the PCTA (Phil Cable Tv Association) cable show for the past 3 days. I've been to seven or eight of them for the last 10 years. Ang tagal ko na rin sa cable industry. I'm use to seeing the same old people in the industry. Some people ar now employed in different companies but still a part of the industry. I swear, this year is like the Ad Congress last year where there a lot of "pirating" activities . An indication of a lot of movement in the industry this year.

How do I know? hhmmm . . . :D

Anyway, I thought this year would be the same as the previous years. We invited two Viva Hotbabes: Hazel Cabrera (who asked my opinion about some of her guy issues while smoking in Bar 1) and Zara Lopez (to whom I suggested to create issues para maging mas lalong matunog name nya hehe) to grace our booth.

Hazel Cabrera

Zara Lopez

We always invite members of the VHB to our booth to help promote our channel. For the fellowship night, we were asked to invite ladies who will liven-up the party by inviting the delegates to dance. We invited seven girls, much to the enjoyment of the male dominated crowd at the party. These girls even made the oldest guy in the party dance like a 19 year old!

As part of our exhibitor's agreement with the PCTA, we invited a band to perform 2 sets at the party. The band's name is Wodo Tribe fronted by one of my elementary batchmates Jaq Regino. I haven't seen her since 1989 and it was really good to see her again. I saw their video in youtube and I was impressed so I invited them to perform.

Wodo Tribe

They were so darn good (even with Jaq nursing a fever) that the president of the convention said to me " Stephen . . . your the man! Viva's the man!" (the president of the convention is Taiwanese and if you heard him say that, you can't help but giggle a little). He was so impressed that he gave the band a tip. I saw how much the tip was and it was a very good tip!

A lot of the officers of the organization enjoyed their performance. There were a lot of people in the dance floor on both sets. This was, I think, the first time I've seen people dance to two sets at a fellowship night. People usually skip the second set of the performing band. Thanks Jaq and Wodo Tribe for the wonderful performance. Hindi kami napahiya, as in! :D

Jaq and I had a chance to catch up on things and I learned that she got married last month . . . to a fellow batchmate. Just like me and my wife. I don't know if there are other batchmates who are now . . . uhmm . . . "mates" hehe. I don't think that Jaq's husband and I were ever classmates but his name was a bit familiar. I was amused that there's another "Romnick and Harlene" story sa batch 89 hehe.

I also met one of my old AdAsia 97 Country Desk an Foreign Delegates group mate Eira. She's now a head-hunter looking for people with the same industry background as I have for a big media company. I recognized her and I think she remembered who I was. I haven't seen her since '97 and I was so surprised to see her there. We were introduced by a friend (who was asking if I was looking for other opportunities) and when I recognized her name and face and I asked her if she was in AdAsia 97 and she said she was. It was funny because her company called me about a month ago and invited me for an interview for a certain post in this big media company. Turns out I couldn't be hired by this company because my wife is connected to its biggest rival (if you know where my wife is connected then you could understand why).

Eira told me that her boss was really considering me kaya sayang daw. Kilala pa rin ako ng mga tao in her office because I was a perfect fit for the position that they're looking for.

"Oks lang" I said, "Ganyan talaga e, hehe." At least interested sila sa akin hehe!

Anyway she asked if I knew people who are open to opportunities, and even asked if my wife would be interested. I told her that I'll ask around and help her out.

Di'ba, naging head hunter na rin ako, hehe :D

The highlight of the cable show for me was meeting the original "Macho Guapito" Rico J!

Bam: "Boss!"

Rico J: "Boss!"

Bam: "Pa-picture, idol"

Rico J: "Sige, boss" now looking at our marketing assistant "Eto pala boss mo, e"


Bam: "Thank you Idol!"
Dalawang macho guwapito!

Pucha, may picture na kami ng idol ko! Hehe

During the FICAP Cable show last month (we have 2 cable shows in our industry a year), I had a pic with Rey Valera. I often sing his songs sa mga videoke. I remember inuman sessions with my dabarkads while listening to his songs about love, heartache and panliligaw blues. Any male teenager can relate to this.

I phoned Jan when Rey Valera started to sing:

Bam: "Hulaan mo kung sino 'to" then I held my phone towards the speakers

Jan: "Sino yan?"

Bam: "Basta! Hulaan mo! " again pointing my phone towards the speakers

"O, ano? Si Rey Valera tumutugtog dito! Woohoo!"

Jan: "Nye. Ano ngayon, lagi naman sya dito sa office."

Bam: "A basta . . . andito si Rey Valera! Woohoo!"

I called her at least 3 times jus so she'll hear the songs. Ibang klase talaga hehe.

May asungot na sumingit samin ni idol . . .

His children are in a band and they actually performed with him. They're quite good and I gave them my business card so they can send me a copy of their video. A few days later, I received a package from Rey Valera containing a dvd of "Salingkit" the name of his children's band.

Grabe, sinulatan ako ni Rey Valera hehe. I'm keeping the envelope :D

I have pics with two of my idols from two cable shows this year . . . not bad!

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