Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Summer quota at iba pa!

I've reached my summer out quota as I've been out of town thrice: Caliraya (with Jan, Sophie, my sister in law Joy and his son Keene), Blue Coral Resort, Laiya Batangas (with my officemates for a 2 day business planning) and Pansol Laguna (overnight with my side of the family).

We weren't able to go anywhere last year because Sophie was still about 4-5 months old. Kaya I feel na medyo oks na ang summer na to.

Pansol Pics

Cliraya Pics


Tomorrow's the PCTA Cable Convention. All the big players in the cable industry including programmers like us (PBO - Pinoy Box Office, Paborito ng Bayan!, HBO, AXN, STAR TV, ETC, BTV . . .) will be there. I've been attending this annual convention for 7 times now in my almost 10 years in the industry.

Makes me feel a little old. But I still find the yearly event exciting so oks lang! :D

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